Friday, December 07, 2012


Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 - 71 years ago

7AM - Writing
Yesterday I told you about my dream to write stories. And that I had been wanting to write for quite awhile. It came to me that for me to write, I actually had to sit down at my computer and begin to write. The story would not come to me by simply thinking it out in my head.

I realize that announcing that I am going to write a story here in my blog, puts me in a kind of pickle. I could fall flat on my ass with this story writing thing. And all of you would see me falling!

8AM - English Racer story
Each day I plan to publish whatever I have written. That is, I will publish if I am lucky enough to have written something more.

[English Racer story continued] 
Although I did not know exactly where the airport was located, one morning I got on my English Racer bicycle and headed out to find my dad. It did not occur to me that I would need any money to buy food. I had only a few pennies in my pocket as I whizzed down Eastern Avenue hill into the heart of East Los Angeles. But in 1949 a penny was all that was needed to buy a hand full of salted nuts from gas station vending machines.

The bike
In 1946 my parents bought me a bicycle for my ninth birthday. My dad called the bicycle an English racer. The bike had unusually narrow tires and hand brakes. Most bikes at the time were made by Schwinn and had fat tires and brakes that were applied by pushing on the foot pedal in reverse. My English racer had front and rear hand brakes.

Right after I received the bike I went on my first ride. City Terrace, where I lived, is a bunch of hills and valleys. My little two bedroom house was on one of these hills. I pedaled up my hill and coasted down the next hill which bottomed out at Eastern Avenue. Across Eastern was my school. City Terrace Grammar School. I pedaled up the hill behind the school. It was hard pedaling up the hill because my English racer had no gears. It was a one speed bike. I had to get off the bike and walk up that hill. Howard, a friend from school was also on that hill with his Schwinn bike. He looked admiringly at my new English racer. "I want to see how fast the bike can go", I told Howard. And we decided to go up to the top of the hill that we were on.

We both pushed our bikes up the hill to the top. From there the view looked west across East Los Angeles all the way to City Hall in the downtown area. This is a very high and steep hill. We began the descent, each of us trying to bike faster than the other. By the time that we came to the bottom of the hill, we were going faster than we could control. I barely made the turn on to City Terrace Drive. I looked back. Howard was behind me. My English racer had beaten him.

I pedaled my bike as fast as I could go. Ahead of me a kid and a woman wanted to cross the street in front of my school. They began to cross, then seeing me pedaling toward them they stopped. I began to slow down and seeing them stop, speeded up. Then the boy and woman began to walk again just as I speeded up for a second time. My new English racer's front wheel hit the boy's left leg. The collision sent me tumbling over the handle bar. I landed in the street, bruised but not badly hurt. The boy that I hit was now lying in the street. I could see white bone sticking out through his torn jeans.
[To be continued]
Jorge writing at El Chaco

9AM - Weng returning to Aticama!
I just received an email from my friend Weng that she and her family are returning to Aticama. I am sooooo happy about that.

Tune into Weng's blog to read all about it. Remember that the link to Weng's blog is her pic just to the right of my blog post.
Jorge at El Chaco near sunset

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters