Friday, January 25, 2013

Catastrophic failure

9AM - Catastrophic failure
As rational thinking beings, most of us believe that are able to fix ourselves when we become broken. When something goes wrong, we go to a doctor, dentist, psychiatrist and get it fixed. However, sometimes things may go wildly askew. Sometimes we suffer catastrophic failure and no matter what we do, we are not able to fix what went wrong.

I am not writing this morning to tell you that something is wrong with me. Right now, although I have upper chest congestion and am taking medication for this problem, I am actually in pretty good shape for a 75 year old guy. What I am writing about is to tell you that I am taking a passive approach to my eventual catastrophic failure.

I will not rail against some future catastrophic event by running to the medical world for constant testing. When something happens to me that causes pain or discomfort, I'll get it attended to. But aside from that, I am just relaxing and enjoying.
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