Friday, January 04, 2013


9AM - Diversions
When a person decides to live Mexico, the land of mañana which is also the land of beauty and peace, that person comes to the challenge of diversions. Why diversions? Because you cannot endlessly sit around on the beach looking at the waves breaking against the shore.

So! What diversions do people living in Mexico find? Well, if you are an RVing gringo, your main diversion may likely be satellite TV. Watching football, hockey, the news. Or, if you are on the TiogaRV Team, your preferred diversion will be found in the world of movies. Recently we subscribed to NetFlix, and have had a good time with this movie company.

If you have been following the TiogaRV Team for awhile, you may know that our main diversion during past years has been traveling around searching for adventure. And we have not given up on searching for adventure. But not today! Maybe next month!
The three long term campers at El Chaco

11AM - Jorge and Lionel
Below is a pic of Jorge and soccer great, Lionel Messi together in Mexico.
Jorge and Lionel Messi in Mexico

Very light clouds


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters