Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Early travel years

7AM - Early travel years
During Tioga and my early travels together, we did approximately the same thing every year. In the springtime we would travel north. Sometimes we first went easterly, then north. But we always headed south along the Pacific coast as the year came close to September. Son David's birthday is on September 21st, and we wanted to be in Concord, California for the party.

The very first time that Tioga and I entered Mexico was on January 15, 2004. On that day we crossed the International Border and entered Tijuana, Mexico. We knew very little about life in Mexico. We did know that we needed Mexican money in order to remain here. But what would happen when we tried to get money from a Mexican ATM? That was a mystery.

You may read about how that mystery was resolved by clicking this [link].

8AM - Tropical Tuesday
Almost every week here in the Aticama/Matanchen Beach area, we have "Tropical Tuesday". This is the day that the Gringos who live here get together for lunch at one of the local restaurants.

This week "Rosa's Tidbits" email announced that Tropical Tuesday will be held at the new, Diana and Noel's Restaurant located on the road to the crocodile sanctuary. I will be going to Tropical Tuesday with fellow RVers John and Carol.

  Very cloudy sky


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters