Sunday, January 20, 2013


10AM - Endings
When I looked outside of MsTioga this morning, RVer Bill was taking down the Christmas lights in preparation for the trip tomorrow to Mazatlan. Bill mentioned that this trip to El Chaco which is coming to an end tomorrow, might be the last one that he makes. This got me to thinking about endings. I've always been intrigued and mystified by endings.

The endings that I am writing about here are the last time that I have done something that I have done many times before and enjoyed immensely. Of course I never really could be absolutely sure that an anticipated "last time" would actually be an ending. You never know when a real ending is about to happen.

Thinking about Bill's possibly last trip to El Chaco has me thinking about my last trip down the Rogue River. Another "last trip" was in my future.

My son David and I began kayaking and rafting the Rogue in 1979. River tripping became a big part of both our lives. I had believed that my last trip on the Rogue happened in the 1990s. But I was wrong! In 2003, shortly after MsTioga and I began our vagabonding journey together, David emailed that he wanted to book a river trip. David asked, "Do you want to go on the Rogue again?"

So began my very last trip on the Rogue. If you would like tune into August 30, 2003 and read about that day, please click [here].

David and Pedro [rear kayak] and George [front kayak]
[Rogue River 2003]

Light clouds


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters