Monday, January 07, 2013

Flyboy Chip

9AM - Flyboy Chip
Flyboy Chip has returned! He is staying next door at the Paraiso Escondido Hotel. In order for Chip to fly his ultralight aircraft, he must hire a tractor to remove the loose sand from the roadway to the beach. Chip's ultralight can easily get stuck in loose sand, so he has to be very careful.

After making this post, New Mavicita and I plan to go over to visit with Flyboy Chip and we will take his pic for you to see.
Chip assembling his new wing

11AM - Airplane crash story
In February, 2012, Chip flew his airplane north of Mantanchen Beach. Chip and a passenger landed and were parked on the sand when a large wind gust picked up the airplane, inverted the plane and smashed it back to the beach!

The wing and airplane structure were destroyed! Only the engine remained usable. Chip told me, "If we were inside when that air gust flipped the plane, we might have been killed!!

Chip bought a new plane and wing before he returned to Mexico.

Clear sky


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters