Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fred Fran

11AM - Fred and Fran
Yesterday at the Tropical Tuesday lunch, about 15 gringos came to eat and chat. One of the gringos was Fran, of Fred and Fran fame who built a spec duplex next to El Chaco.

Unfortunately the duplex went on sale just about the time the great real estate collapse was beginning. The duplex never sold. So, Fred and Fran have been living in their own spec house. I became friends with Fred and Fran in 2009 and we have been more and more friendly ever since. Fran invited me to go over to their place for a visit, and I am going there right after publishing today's blog post.

Shrimp variations
The restaurants in the San Blas/Aticama area nearly all sell shrimp. Some of these restaurants sell a variety of shrimp that the locals rave about. Coconut shrimp and bacon-wrap shrimp are two of the favorites. The restaurant that sells bacon-wrap shrimp is just up the road from El Chaco. I just learned about bacon-wrap shrimp yesterday at Tropical Tuesday and sooooooo much want to eat it!

First trip to Utah!
MsTioga and I entered the State of Utah for the first time on Sunday, April 23, 2006. We did not know of the great beauty and adventure that was about to begin for us as we searched for adventure in the southern part of the state.

You may travel with us across Utah by clicking [here]

PS: For the past two days we have given you links to our travels that we consider are our best times. It seems that some readers only tune into our brand new posts not understanding that all of our posts over all of our years are available to you.

Sunny bright sky


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters