Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Location: El Chaco RV Campground, Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico

Happy New Year - 2013!

New Years Day locations!
A few years ago, MsTioga and I came up with idea of showing you where we were on January 1st of each year since we began vagabonding together. Sort of like a flash-back memories thing! Without our blog memories, we wouldn't be able to recall all of these New Year days! All of these homes!

I guess somehow, this New Year's Day format became a tradition!

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11AM - Party report!
Before the party got going, and while the anniversary wedding ceremony was going on at the church, New Mavicita and I walked over to the party location at El Chaco to take a pic for you to see.

In the pic below you see tables set up on the grassy area on the ocean side of El Chaco. Although it may not appear in this pic because of the perspective, there are places for about 400 people at the party. This is a catered affair. And a very big event for this tiny town location.

In the left rear is a big live band stage which in this pic looks like a football goal post. Later in the evening, a 15-piece band will be playing there to entertain the party goers.
Party table for 400 celebrating people

This huge celebration is for the 50th wedding anniversary of Elena and Matias. Although it is the custom in Mexico to not smile when having your picture taken, I assure you that both Elena and Matias were having a wonderful time at their anniversary party.
Matias and Elena Valasquez

About parties in Mexico
It has been my experience that parties in Mexico are very different than parties that I knew when I was young and living in the United States. The anniversary party of yesterday is no exception. There is always a lot of music, usually played very loud. There is a lot of dancing. Yesterday the dancing was done in the empty grassy area between the tables.

The music and dancing went on for many hours. From about 8pm in the evening to 2am in the morning the music played. There was a huge amount of  beer for the celebrators. At the Gringo table that I was at, there were two large bottles of Scotch whiskey. Whenever anybody wanted another beer, one of the many waiters brought that beer over immediately.

This was an excellent party!

Drizzly sky


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters