Thursday, February 28, 2013


2PM - Internet
I am OK. Just having internet connection challenges.

This morning I accidentally deleted some music files from a travel drive. These were songs that were favorites of my son, David. Using the travel drive, I am able to play these songs on MsTioga's radio. For some reason when the files were deleted, they did not go to the Recycle Bin.

Tried hard to get the files back, and could not do it. Have the songs on a DVD though! And I attempted to rip the DVD songs to the travel drive. Couldn't do that ripping. But am still trying.

Clear sky

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tow car

9AM - Tow car in shop
Bill and Carol's tow car is in the shop for transmission repair. So, they have been walking instead of driving. This morning, the three of us walked to the time-share place across the street in order to eat at the very nice beach-side restaurant.

There is one bird at this restaurant which has figured out that it likes to steal sugar packets from the tables. The three of us got a big kick out of watching this big black bird do its thing!
Black bird sugar packet thief!

11AM - Propane and purified water
MsTioga and I were planning to drive out toay in order to fill our propane tank and buy purified drinking water. However, when we returned from breakfast, Bill spoke with the Felipe, the Las Jaibas RV Park manager and arranged for propane and purified water to be delivered to us.

Pretty neat, huh?

Blue sky

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recording video

10AM - Recording video
I am using Streaming Video Recorder to capture movies. This morning I captured "The Hunger Games" and am right now in the middle of capturing "Silver Linings Playbook" both movies starring this year's Best Actress Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence.

Streaming Video Recorder is a product of which works pretty good when a fast video connection is available. Here at Las Jaibas RV Park, the WiFi connection is rather spotty. But this morning the WiFi here has been working really great!

4PM - A boy of the 50s
My Mom and Dad were both musicians. There was always music around our little home. I became a teenager in the 1950s. I bought every one of Frank Sinatra's records. Danced to Frank's music. Fell in love to his music too!

And one song of Frank's that I really love is, "That's All".

Partly cloudy

Monday, February 25, 2013


9AM - Oscars
Since I am so fascinated with movies, you may believe that I have an opinion about last nite's Oscars. And you would be right.

I've viewed both "Argo" and "Lincoln" several times each. For me, "Lincoln" is the best movie of 2012. No question about that!

Light clouds

Sunday, February 24, 2013


12 Noon - Antidote for existence
In Woody Allen's fabulous movie, "Midnight in Paris" there is a line which reads: 
“The artist's job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.”

During an interview with Woody Allen, this subject came up. Here is an excerpt from that interview:
I asked Allen if he agrees with the lines he wrote for Gertrude Stein in the film, in which she states that the job of the artist is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence. “I don’t know if I believe that myself,” he replies. “That’s all easy enough to attribute to a character in a movie, and one could make a case for that — that the job of the artist is to show why life, despite all its horror and brutality, is worth living and is a valuable thing.

But one could also take the position that it’s not the job of the artist to do anything at all — just to make the best art that he can, because art gives pleasure and pleasure gives distraction, and distraction is the only thing that gets us by, really.” Woody Allen Interview - LA Weekly

Conclusion: This is exactly what I have writing to you for weeks! Distraction is the thing that gets us thru. And my distraction is watching movies! Nothing wrong with that. If it works for me, it is what I should be doing.

Watching this video makes me happy!

Very cloudy

Saturday, February 23, 2013


1PM - Spending the day online
The RV Park's WiFi is working especially well today. So, I am taking the opportunity of spending my day online. My little Hawking dish internet dish is being used to make this connection.

Something that I find very interesting online, are the debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas that are found on YouTube.

Partly cloudy

Friday, February 22, 2013


9AM - Attitude
I've been in a bad attitude lately. And I think I should write about that. I am going to list what is bad and good. Maybe doing this list will put some perspective on my bad attitude.

First the good:
  • MsTioga is running good.
  • MacBook Pro is doing fine.
  • I've got plenty of money.
  • I can eat anything that I want. No digestion problems.
  • I am free as a bird. Can go anywhere I wish.
  • The new air conditioner keeps me comfortable.
  • I've got friends who seem to like me.
  • No aches or pains.

Now the bad:
  • I walk in a crooked line. Not really stable when standing up. When looking at the stars at nite, I begin to fall backward.
  • My son David is dead. Changed everything for me when he died.
  • My other son and I have no relationship at all. And I really do not want one with him. He blames me for everything bad in his life. And after a lifetime of that blame, I am sick of it.
  • I used to find great joy in traveling. Now traveling just takes my mind off of my bad attitude.
  • I am grumpy with my friends.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

El Meson de los Laureanos

El Meson de los Laureanos
This morning we drove to the small town of El Quelite mainly to dine at the restaurant known as El Meson de los Laureanos. This is a famous restaurant! It is said that without the restaurant, the town of El Quelite would not even exist!

Los Laueanos is a collection of rooms. One room has chickens which can be found sitting on eggs. Large lizards in trees. A very large parrot walks the floor inside the restaurant. The walls are lined with photos of people who have dined here over the years.

We forgot to bring our camera! Carol took a lot of pics and maybe we will publish some of hers.
Ladies sorting beans

Chicken sitting on her eggs

George and Carol in front of a painting that looks like a street

Mostly cloudy

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Escondido Towers

11AM - Escondido Towers
This morning the plan is to go to the time share place across the highway for breakfast. Then go to Escondido Towers in order to see what a condominium is like here in Mazatlan. The time share place has a really nice beach-view restaurant. Good food and service!

Escondido Towers is the name of the condominium. Asking price is about $300K US for 1800 square feet 2BR to 500K for 3BR 2500 sq feet. Visit Escondido Towers online by clicking [here].
Breakfast place

Escondido is tall!

Escondido hot tub

MsTioga from the 15th floor

Escondido Towers view from MsTioga

Mostly cloudy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


9AM - Pics
For some unknown reason, our camera New Mavicita has not been going on trips with me. So, I have not been able to publish many pics for you to see. But my friend Carol took a pic of me eating at Fat Fish!
Jorge at Fat Fish eating ribs

Trip to Malpica and Concordia
Yesterday I went with Bill and Carol on a trip to the Town of Malpica where there is a very old bakery which is located at the rear of a house! This bakery bakes wonderful sweet bread! The bread is baked in a large wood-fired oven.
Malpica Bakery

Wood-fired oven

After leaving the bakery in Malpica, we drove to nearby Concordia and visited a public hot spring which has been turned into a place for washing clothes.
Clothes washing at hot spring in Concordia

Line dancing in Mazatlan
A couple of days ago we went out for supper at an Italian restaurant on the main plaza in the old part of Mazatlan. A bunch of people were line dancing. The music got to me and I joined in!
Jorge line dancing in Mazatlan

Partly cloudy

Monday, February 18, 2013

House hunting

House hunting
We went to look at a nearby model home in north Mazatlan and found a gorgeous 2-bedroom, 2-bath unattached house. Very modern. Gated neighborhood. Asking price: 2,571,000 pesos [$205,680US]. Real estate prices here in Mazatlan are definitely NOT cheap because Mazatlan is such a lovely place to live.

Click [here] to read about Marina Kelly Residencial.

Las Jaibas RV Park rent
When we return from house hunting, I stopped at the Las Jaibas RV Park office to pay my rent. The cost is 1625 pesos per week [$130US]. Not a bad price for a place like North Mazatlan. Any size RV may park here. Very quiet for sleeping.

Clear sky

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fat Fish

8AM - Fat Fish
Bill and Carol took me to Fat Fish for supper last nite. Fat Fish has wonderful pork ribs! A taste treat sensation! A full rack of ribs arrived. I could only eat 1/2 of the rack and brought home the left over to eat later.

Bill likes to drive around Mazatlan after supper. We drove to the old part of Mazatlan and walked around. Much of this old Mazatlan was built in the early 1800s. There are lots of shoppers and looky-type people walking. Really a neat place to stroll around. I bought some nice strawberry ice cream for desert.

In fact, Mazatlan has received MsTioga's seal-of-approval as a great place to visit.

Question from Reader Judy
"How do you find your way around those small [Mexican] towns without getting stuck in small streets?"

Judy's question is a very good one. Getting stuck in small streets is very easy to happen especially when following GPS directions. After having some bad experiences driving MsTioga on very narrow streets, I determined to never turn into a narrow street just because the GPS tells me to do so.

I just keep driving and get as close to where the GPS wants me to go while remaining on large streets. Sometimes I've parked MsTioga and walked the small street in order to avoid getting stuck.

I have never come across a small Mexican town whose main road thru that town was too small for MsTioga.

Clear sky

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Las Jaibas RV Park

12 Noon - Las Jaibas RV Park
MsTioga is nicely camped at the rear of Las Jaibas RV Park. We are just across from Bill and Carol's RV. There are many RVs at Las Jaibas. Maybe 75 of them. The park is perhaps 50% full. We do not know the price of camping here yet. But when we find out, we will post it.

Las Jaibas is located in the north of Mazatlan as you may see for yourself by clicking the Google location map link below. This is a somewhat newly built area, filled with tall condo buildings and hotels. Not too far distant from Las Jaibas, there are many places to shop. This morning after only a 10 minute drive, we went shopping at a very large Mega store.

Battery equalizing charge
Now that we have all new batteries in our solar battery bank, we wanted to know if we could get a high enough voltage in these batteries to do a "battery equalizing charge". We have to get up to 14.4 volts before our Morningstar Tristar battery charge controller would begin this equalizing charge.

As you may see in the pic of the Trimetric below, the Morningstar is holding at 15.1 volts. And that is using only the power received from our solar panels. We have not been able to do this equalizing charge for many months because of poor battery condition. Our batteries were abused when we were on our trip to Guatemala last year and the plates were exposed when the battery fluid dropped too low.

Holding at 15.1 volts

Clear blue sky

Friday, February 15, 2013


12 Noon - Mazatlan
This morning we checked out of Los Pinos RV Park and headed over to the LTH Battery Service Center where MsTioga received a new marine style battery [combination engine starting and deep cycle]. Then we headed over to the AutoZone and picked up the water pump and fan clutch that we ordered a couple of weeks back.

Now we are headed north to the City of Mazatlan to spend some time with friends Bill and Carol. According to Google Maps, Mazatlan is a three hour trip. Might take a little longer since I am driving MsTioga!

In a few weeks we plan to return to the Ford dealer in Tepic to get the water pump and fan clutch installed. But this installation is preventive maintenance. We have no cooling problems at this time. In fact the only thing that is troublesome right now is that Tioga's gasoline gauge has stopped working.

7PM - Las Jaibas RV Park
I was unable to locate Las Jaibas RV Park in Mazatlan. So, I have pulled off the road and am parked next to a Pemex gas station.

Bill and Carol: I am in Mazatlan. Click here to see my location. Would you please come and get me?

8PM - Bill comes to get me!
There was a knock on MsTioga's door. It was Bill! He came to get me. We are now camped at Las Jaibas RV Park!

Lots of clouds

Thursday, February 14, 2013


10AM - Friends
My friends Bill and Carol phoned this morning wondering if I am OK. I did not make a blog post yesterday, and my prior day's post was mysterious. Bill told me, "Friends worry about you. That's what friends do."

So, let me explain to you what is going on. It seems that I am going thru a transition in my life. The transition is bought about by a collision between me being an RVing vagabond and me being an older man. Over the years, I have become addicted to moving around and being an RVing vagabond. But the older man in me does not wish to move around like that anymore. That older man wants to simply sit around watching movies!

Now! Here is the rub! What am I to write about in my blog if I am just sitting around and watching movies? Not too much to write about. Who would be interested in me reporting in my blog about the movies that I watched today?

Now you know why I wrote that I feel "Lost in Mexico". I am lost between the transitions in my life.

I may travel soon though. Bill and Carol want me to go visit with them in Mazatlan. And I may do a Mazatlan trip after the water pump and fan clutch arrive at AutoZone.

PS: I watched some really terrific movies yesterday! One movie is, "The Power of One". The other movie, "Malcolm X".


Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Lost in Mexico
Sorry that I am so late in posting today. But I wanted you to know that I am OK. Just a little lost in Mexico.

Partly cloudy

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Monday, February 11, 2013

House battery

8AM - MsTioga's house battery
This morning we were straightening out the control wiring that we wrote to you about a couple of days ago. The control wiring is light gauge and connects the battery to the:
  • Morningstar Battery Charge Controller 
  • Trimetric Battery Monitor
  • Power Plus Leveler Controller
  • Xantrex Inverter Controller

If you have trouble understanding what all this stuff is, don't worry yourself about it. I installed it all and even I am bothered with understanding how all this is hooked up and operates. Anyway, while disconnecting the wiring in order to unravel all the wires, the cable that connects the solar battery bank with MsTioga's house battery dropped down and was not visible. As a result, I did not re-connect this cable!

The house battery is a marine type, a combination 12 volt starting battery and deep cycle battery. MsTioga's house battery is in poor shape and does not maintain a charge for longer than five minutes. In fact, the house battery only works because it is constantly robbing power from the solar battery bank. The house battery should have been replaced a long time ago. But being the slacker that I have become, I failed to replace it!

When the house battery lost its charge, MsTioga's interior lights went out. The refrigerator shut down because its 12 volt control power was no longer available. And I became confused because with all of this wiring, I did not realize that the jumper from the solar battery bank to the house battery was just lying on the floor, unconnected!

Not realizing that the disconnected jumper was the problem, I began to check anything that might have gone wrong. I cleaned the battery cables. Checked the disaster fuse that blows out if the battery bank should become shorted. Checked the power of the battery bank with a volt meter. Finally, by a process of elimination, I finally found the disconnected jumper!

The bottom line is, that the marine house battery should be replaced right away. We intend to drive back to the LTH Customer Service Center this morning, and buy a new marine battery.
Battery bank with straightened out control wires

Explanation of MsTioga's electrical system
When MsTioga was new, she came equipped from the factory with two batteries. One was the engine starting battery. The other is the house battery. These two batteries are isolated from each other. Both batteries receive charging voltage from the engine's alternator.

The house battery provides 12 volt DC electric power to the RV interior lights and appliances. The house battery may also be used to start the engine by depressing a special switch and simultaneously using the ignition switch.

When MsTioga's solar battery bank was installed, a cable connecting the solar battery bank to the house battery was also installed. This cable allowed the engine alternator to charge the solar battery bank when the engine was running. Also, the cable allows electric power from the solar battery bank to charge the house battery.

It has been suggested by readers that the original house battery should be removed. We tried this removal solution several years ago. But this solution proved to be a big problem. When the husse battery is removed, no 12 volt DC power is provided to 12 volt interior lighting or 12 volt appliances. Also, the engine may no longer be started from the removed house battery.

There may be a way to re-wire the 12 volt DC system so that the solar battery bank replaces the original house battery. But we have chosen to simply leave the 12 volt house battery in place. This method has been working well for us for several years.

Low marine clouds

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Sunday, February 10, 2013


1PM - Movie day
Today I am taking a day off from the hard job of being a somewhat retired vagabond. We have a very fast WiFi here at Los Pinos RV Park, and I am taking advantage of it by recording a bunch of movies.

MsTioga and I just wanted you to know that our new batteries never dropped below 12.4 volts last nite and we did not have to use shore power at all. Today the batteries charged up perfectly with a maximum 14.4 volts during the recharge.

Pretty good, huh?

Very light clouds

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Saturday, February 09, 2013


8AM - Battery story continued
After leaving AutoZone yesterday, I was looking for the Service Center for LTH batteries. A website gave the address of the LTH service center as "70 Avenida Insurgentes". When I passed this address, the place looked closed! Unfortunately, many times in Mexico parking is impossible. Such is the case for the LTH service center. But I plan to visit the LTH Service Center this morning even if I have to park someplace far away and take a taxi.

Yesterday at AutoZone, I asked them to put one of the Golf Cart batteries on overnite charge. I wanted to find out if the Specific Gravity would come back when the battery is fully charged. I will go back to AutoZone this morning to take another Specific Gravity reading of the hopefully fully charged battery.

11AM - LTH Customer Service Center
When we were approaching the location of the LTH Customer Service Center, there was a big political demonstration going on. The police were directing traffic away from the Center's entrance. So, MsTioga drove about 1/2 mile up the road before a parking place was found. Then, I walked back to LTH.

The Center appears to be a factory store. I asked if they had any 6-volt Golf Cart batteries in stock. And they do have them. In fact, they had (10) Model LGC2-125M in stock. And all of the batteries were dated December, 2012!

I checked out the Specific Gravity which read 1.265. Wonderful! Perfect in fact!

The cost of each battery is 1,450 persos [$116US]. This compares to 1,900 pesos for the same battery at AutoZone! LTH loaded the four batteries in a pickup truck and drove back to where MsTioga was parked. I removed the old batteries, and gave them to the truck driver for recycling.  Then, installed the new LTH batteries. The control wiring needs to be unscrambled but other than that, everything seems to be operating perfectly.
Four new LTH Golf Cart batteries installed in MsTioga

PS: We have always had (6) deep cycle batteries in our battery bank. But now that we no longer use Mr. Datastorm, our nite time electrical demand is very much reduced. We believe that the four batteries that you see in the pic above will do just fine.

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Friday, February 08, 2013


11AM - Where are the batteries?
AutoZone promised to phone me when the (4) deep cycle batteries arrived. No phone call has been received. So, we are going to drive over to AutoZone and find out what is going on?

AutoZone phoned!
A few minutes after publishing our 11am post, the phone rang. It is AutoZone telling that our four batteries have arrived at the store!


1PM - Bad batteries!
When I checked the supposedly new batteries with a hydrometer at the AutoZone store, the specific gravity checked low! All about 1125! They should check out closer to 1300.

I believe that these are all old batteries. Somebody changed the sticker on the battery to read January, 2013. But I believe that these batteries are much older than that.

This is a real bummer for me. Because deep cycle batteries are very difficult to locate here in Mexico.

2PM - LTH/Johnson Controls
LTH is the largest battery brand in Mexico. LTH is part of Johnson Controls.

Perhaps if I am able to locate an LTH warehouse in Mexico, I could find some good deep cycle batteries?

3PM - Back at Los Pinos RV Park
We have returned to Los Pinos without our new batteries. Either we will find new batteries, or we will not find new batteries. Whatever happens will be fine with me.

Every situation works itself out. We may be surprised by what happens. But there is always resolution to everything. Just kick-back and let the resolution arrive in its own time.
Jorge at Los Pinos, Tepic, Mexico

Meat loaf prepared last nite

Blue sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Thursday, February 07, 2013


6AM - Doctor
Today I am going to ask around for a recommendation for a hospital or physician in Tepic. I want to get my ear problem looked at to find out what is going on.

7AM - Batteries
Another thing that must be done today is to return to AutoZone for the deep cycle batteries that I ordered. The present battery bank is holding less of a charge and soon may fail completely.

11AM - Dr. Roberto Mejía Pérez
MsTioga parked in a neighborhood where there were many doctor's offices. We went into what appeared to be a nice doctor's office and asked if they knew of an ear doctor. They did! The receptionist phoned the selected ear doctor and made an appointment for me. Then, she wrote down the address of the ear doctor and walked me out on the road and hailed a taxi for me! Wow!

Doctor Roberto examined my ears and found that both of my ears are clear. No infection. Doctor Roberto told me that my problem is in the Canales semicurculares [semi-circular canal] inside the ear. His diagnosis is "Laberintitis" for which he prescribed a medication named "Stugeron Forte".

The cost for this doctor's visit is 500 pesos [$40US].

1PM - AutoZone
We drove to the AutoZone for our new batteries. But even though the batteries were promised for yesterday, they had not arrived yet! A truck is bringing the batteries to the AutoZone store late this afternoon.

I gave the AutoZone guy my Telcel phone number, and he promised to phone me when the batteries arrived.

2PM - Los Pinos RV Park
We returned to the Los Pinos RV Park for another night's stay.

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Los Pinos

12 Noon - Los Pinos RV Park
MsTioga is the only RV camping at Los Pinos RV park in the City of Tepic. The TiogaRV Team love this park because it has a very green lawn and many trees. None of these trees are pine, so it is curious that the park is named "Los Pinos".

Perhaps we should be off looking for a doctor to check out my ears. But, we are not going today. Is it important whether this doctor is found now or later? Instead, we are lounging around here, and having a grand time too.

Did you know that Los Pinos is the only RV park in the City of Tepic? I may have mentioned before that Los Pinos is difficult to locate. If you did a Google search for Los Pinos, the website that describes this RV park has the wrong GPS coordinates! But we have entered the correct GPS coordinates in our location link, below.

The daily cost for Los Pinos is 200 pesos [$16US].
Tioga and George at Los Pinos RV Park, Tepic

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


8AM - Going to Tepic
This morning, MsTioga and the TiogaRV Team are heading up the hill to the City of Tepic. We have several things that we want to do in Tepic.
  • Ear doctor. There is something wrong with my left ear. Feels like it is "stopped up". As though I have water in my ear that will not come out. Been having these symptoms for awhile.
  • Change out water pump, fan clutch, fuel filter. Oil change and lube. We plan to have this work done at the Ford dealer.

11AM - Recharged Telcel
We are now in Tepic. The first thing to be done is to recharge our Telcel internet USB modem stick. MsTioga parked near the Telcel service center. We bought 500 pesos [$38.50US]. This amount should be good for a month and provides about 3 gigabytes.

We have not used Telcel since we arrived at El Chaco last October.  Telcel does not provide a strong enough signal at El Chaco. Also, El Chaco's WiFi is free and has no bandwidth limit.

12 Noon - AutoZone
At the AutoZone we purchased a new water pump and fan clutch. The water pump will not arrive until the 13th of February. Tomorrow we will make an appointment with the Ford dealer to do the installation work.

We also are in the process of buying (4) Golf Cart Batteries from AutoZone. Presently, we have (6) batteries in our solar battery bank which were purchased in December, 2007. We believe that since we do not have our Datastorm internet system anymore, that we only need (4) batteries now.

We are getting by with the 5+ year old batteries because we rely on shore power during evening hours.

3PM - Los Pinos RV Park
MsTioga is Nite Camped at Los Pinos RV Park in the City of Tepic.

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters

Monday, February 04, 2013


12 Noon - Internet busy
Here at El Chaco, we connect to the internet by a dial-up connection. During weekends and holidays, this dial-up is very busy. We compete with all the other users in the area for bandwidth. Today has been especially tough. MacBook Pro and I have been trying for over an hour to get on the net.

Mount Saint Helens
On July 29, 2003, the TiogaRV Team first visited Mount Saint Helens. This is an active volcano. On May 18, 1980, Mount Saint Helens exploded into one of the largest eruptions in the United States in recent history. You may read about our visit there by clicking [here].

We also wrote a MsTioga Magazine story about Mount Saint Helens. This story has some really interesting historical pics of the volcano! Click [here] to read our Mount Saint Helens story.

Pre-Eruption View of Mt. Saint Helens

A pre-eruption view of Mt. Saint Helens from Spirit Lake shows the smooth, conical
slopes of a very young and potentially explosive volcano.

[J.Hughes, USDA Forest Service]

Clear blue sky

Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters

Sunday, February 03, 2013


12 Noon - Keep bumbling on!
We on the TiogaRV Team have a motto that Winston Churchill used during WW2. KBO! Keep bumbling on! We do not know what each new day may bring. But we believe that if we keep bumbling on, all will be well.

Here at El Chaco, the staff is without their leaders, Elena and Elie, who are gone on a trip to the United States. The staff continues to work. Not as efficiently as when Elena and Elie are here. But the staff keeps bumbling on! So, all is well.
Frijoles refritos and totopos
At El Chaco

Blue sky

Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Refried beans

1PM - Refried beans
MacBook Pro and I are sitting at our usual table at the El Chaco Restaurante. I've ordered a plate of refried beans, tortilla chips, salsa and a bottle of water. My waitress is astounded! "Just beans?!", she asked. "You do not want fish or shrimp?"

It seems that my waitress was under the impression that Gringos do not like beans all by themselves. She believes that only Mexicans like beans without anything else! Hmmmmm?

I told my waitress, "Maybe I am really a Mexican at heart!"

PS: Refried beans are the cheapest food in Mexico.

MsTioga travels to Slate Peak
We on the TiogaRV Team are well aware that our MsTioga has a very brave heart! On June 14, 2005, MsTioga proved how brave she truly is by climbing to Slate Peak's summit at 7,488 elevation.

If you would like to read about that day, please click [here].


View of Slate Peak’s 7,488 foot summit from MsTioga's rear window.

Clear blue sky

Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters

Friday, February 01, 2013


11AM - Traveled to 1865
Many is the night when I laid my head on the pillow of my bed and began an often recurring dream of traveling thru time to visit historic events. This morning, thru the magic of the movie "Lincoln", I feel as though I actually did travel to 1865.

There I was in chamber of the House of Representatives as the members debated the proposed 13th amendment to end slavery in the United States. Wow! A magical trip for me!

When the movie ended and the credits appeared, it felt to me that I was somewhere in time, not here in the now, but in the midst of returning to the present.

12 Noon - Mesa Arch in Utah
In August, 2008, the famous Mesa Arch in Utah collapsed! We visited Mesa Arch two years earlier and captured this wonderful arch to share with you.

You may read about our visit to Mesa Arch by clicking [here].
Mesa Arch, Utah - May, 2006

PS: It turns out that it is Wall Arch that collapsed in August, 2008. Mesa Arch still remains intact!

Light clouds

Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters