Friday, February 22, 2013


9AM - Attitude
I've been in a bad attitude lately. And I think I should write about that. I am going to list what is bad and good. Maybe doing this list will put some perspective on my bad attitude.

First the good:
  • MsTioga is running good.
  • MacBook Pro is doing fine.
  • I've got plenty of money.
  • I can eat anything that I want. No digestion problems.
  • I am free as a bird. Can go anywhere I wish.
  • The new air conditioner keeps me comfortable.
  • I've got friends who seem to like me.
  • No aches or pains.

Now the bad:
  • I walk in a crooked line. Not really stable when standing up. When looking at the stars at nite, I begin to fall backward.
  • My son David is dead. Changed everything for me when he died.
  • My other son and I have no relationship at all. And I really do not want one with him. He blames me for everything bad in his life. And after a lifetime of that blame, I am sick of it.
  • I used to find great joy in traveling. Now traveling just takes my mind off of my bad attitude.
  • I am grumpy with my friends.