Saturday, February 09, 2013


8AM - Battery story continued
After leaving AutoZone yesterday, I was looking for the Service Center for LTH batteries. A website gave the address of the LTH service center as "70 Avenida Insurgentes". When I passed this address, the place looked closed! Unfortunately, many times in Mexico parking is impossible. Such is the case for the LTH service center. But I plan to visit the LTH Service Center this morning even if I have to park someplace far away and take a taxi.

Yesterday at AutoZone, I asked them to put one of the Golf Cart batteries on overnite charge. I wanted to find out if the Specific Gravity would come back when the battery is fully charged. I will go back to AutoZone this morning to take another Specific Gravity reading of the hopefully fully charged battery.

11AM - LTH Customer Service Center
When we were approaching the location of the LTH Customer Service Center, there was a big political demonstration going on. The police were directing traffic away from the Center's entrance. So, MsTioga drove about 1/2 mile up the road before a parking place was found. Then, I walked back to LTH.

The Center appears to be a factory store. I asked if they had any 6-volt Golf Cart batteries in stock. And they do have them. In fact, they had (10) Model LGC2-125M in stock. And all of the batteries were dated December, 2012!

I checked out the Specific Gravity which read 1.265. Wonderful! Perfect in fact!

The cost of each battery is 1,450 persos [$116US]. This compares to 1,900 pesos for the same battery at AutoZone! LTH loaded the four batteries in a pickup truck and drove back to where MsTioga was parked. I removed the old batteries, and gave them to the truck driver for recycling.  Then, installed the new LTH batteries. The control wiring needs to be unscrambled but other than that, everything seems to be operating perfectly.
Four new LTH Golf Cart batteries installed in MsTioga

PS: We have always had (6) deep cycle batteries in our battery bank. But now that we no longer use Mr. Datastorm, our nite time electrical demand is very much reduced. We believe that the four batteries that you see in the pic above will do just fine.

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters