Friday, February 08, 2013


11AM - Where are the batteries?
AutoZone promised to phone me when the (4) deep cycle batteries arrived. No phone call has been received. So, we are going to drive over to AutoZone and find out what is going on?

AutoZone phoned!
A few minutes after publishing our 11am post, the phone rang. It is AutoZone telling that our four batteries have arrived at the store!


1PM - Bad batteries!
When I checked the supposedly new batteries with a hydrometer at the AutoZone store, the specific gravity checked low! All about 1125! They should check out closer to 1300.

I believe that these are all old batteries. Somebody changed the sticker on the battery to read January, 2013. But I believe that these batteries are much older than that.

This is a real bummer for me. Because deep cycle batteries are very difficult to locate here in Mexico.

2PM - LTH/Johnson Controls
LTH is the largest battery brand in Mexico. LTH is part of Johnson Controls.

Perhaps if I am able to locate an LTH warehouse in Mexico, I could find some good deep cycle batteries?

3PM - Back at Los Pinos RV Park
We have returned to Los Pinos without our new batteries. Either we will find new batteries, or we will not find new batteries. Whatever happens will be fine with me.

Every situation works itself out. We may be surprised by what happens. But there is always resolution to everything. Just kick-back and let the resolution arrive in its own time.
Jorge at Los Pinos, Tepic, Mexico

Meat loaf prepared last nite

Blue sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters