Thursday, February 07, 2013


6AM - Doctor
Today I am going to ask around for a recommendation for a hospital or physician in Tepic. I want to get my ear problem looked at to find out what is going on.

7AM - Batteries
Another thing that must be done today is to return to AutoZone for the deep cycle batteries that I ordered. The present battery bank is holding less of a charge and soon may fail completely.

11AM - Dr. Roberto Mejía Pérez
MsTioga parked in a neighborhood where there were many doctor's offices. We went into what appeared to be a nice doctor's office and asked if they knew of an ear doctor. They did! The receptionist phoned the selected ear doctor and made an appointment for me. Then, she wrote down the address of the ear doctor and walked me out on the road and hailed a taxi for me! Wow!

Doctor Roberto examined my ears and found that both of my ears are clear. No infection. Doctor Roberto told me that my problem is in the Canales semicurculares [semi-circular canal] inside the ear. His diagnosis is "Laberintitis" for which he prescribed a medication named "Stugeron Forte".

The cost for this doctor's visit is 500 pesos [$40US].

1PM - AutoZone
We drove to the AutoZone for our new batteries. But even though the batteries were promised for yesterday, they had not arrived yet! A truck is bringing the batteries to the AutoZone store late this afternoon.

I gave the AutoZone guy my Telcel phone number, and he promised to phone me when the batteries arrived.

2PM - Los Pinos RV Park
We returned to the Los Pinos RV Park for another night's stay.

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters