Thursday, February 21, 2013

El Meson de los Laureanos

El Meson de los Laureanos
This morning we drove to the small town of El Quelite mainly to dine at the restaurant known as El Meson de los Laureanos. This is a famous restaurant! It is said that without the restaurant, the town of El Quelite would not even exist!

Los Laueanos is a collection of rooms. One room has chickens which can be found sitting on eggs. Large lizards in trees. A very large parrot walks the floor inside the restaurant. The walls are lined with photos of people who have dined here over the years.

We forgot to bring our camera! Carol took a lot of pics and maybe we will publish some of hers.
Ladies sorting beans

Chicken sitting on her eggs

George and Carol in front of a painting that looks like a street

Mostly cloudy