Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Escondido Towers

11AM - Escondido Towers
This morning the plan is to go to the time share place across the highway for breakfast. Then go to Escondido Towers in order to see what a condominium is like here in Mazatlan. The time share place has a really nice beach-view restaurant. Good food and service!

Escondido Towers is the name of the condominium. Asking price is about $300K US for 1800 square feet 2BR to 500K for 3BR 2500 sq feet. Visit Escondido Towers online by clicking [here].
Breakfast place

Escondido is tall!

Escondido hot tub

MsTioga from the 15th floor

Escondido Towers view from MsTioga

Mostly cloudy