Thursday, February 14, 2013


10AM - Friends
My friends Bill and Carol phoned this morning wondering if I am OK. I did not make a blog post yesterday, and my prior day's post was mysterious. Bill told me, "Friends worry about you. That's what friends do."

So, let me explain to you what is going on. It seems that I am going thru a transition in my life. The transition is bought about by a collision between me being an RVing vagabond and me being an older man. Over the years, I have become addicted to moving around and being an RVing vagabond. But the older man in me does not wish to move around like that anymore. That older man wants to simply sit around watching movies!

Now! Here is the rub! What am I to write about in my blog if I am just sitting around and watching movies? Not too much to write about. Who would be interested in me reporting in my blog about the movies that I watched today?

Now you know why I wrote that I feel "Lost in Mexico". I am lost between the transitions in my life.

I may travel soon though. Bill and Carol want me to go visit with them in Mazatlan. And I may do a Mazatlan trip after the water pump and fan clutch arrive at AutoZone.

PS: I watched some really terrific movies yesterday! One movie is, "The Power of One". The other movie, "Malcolm X".


Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters