Saturday, February 16, 2013

Las Jaibas RV Park

12 Noon - Las Jaibas RV Park
MsTioga is nicely camped at the rear of Las Jaibas RV Park. We are just across from Bill and Carol's RV. There are many RVs at Las Jaibas. Maybe 75 of them. The park is perhaps 50% full. We do not know the price of camping here yet. But when we find out, we will post it.

Las Jaibas is located in the north of Mazatlan as you may see for yourself by clicking the Google location map link below. This is a somewhat newly built area, filled with tall condo buildings and hotels. Not too far distant from Las Jaibas, there are many places to shop. This morning after only a 10 minute drive, we went shopping at a very large Mega store.

Battery equalizing charge
Now that we have all new batteries in our solar battery bank, we wanted to know if we could get a high enough voltage in these batteries to do a "battery equalizing charge". We have to get up to 14.4 volts before our Morningstar Tristar battery charge controller would begin this equalizing charge.

As you may see in the pic of the Trimetric below, the Morningstar is holding at 15.1 volts. And that is using only the power received from our solar panels. We have not been able to do this equalizing charge for many months because of poor battery condition. Our batteries were abused when we were on our trip to Guatemala last year and the plates were exposed when the battery fluid dropped too low.

Holding at 15.1 volts

Clear blue sky