Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Los Pinos

12 Noon - Los Pinos RV Park
MsTioga is the only RV camping at Los Pinos RV park in the City of Tepic. The TiogaRV Team love this park because it has a very green lawn and many trees. None of these trees are pine, so it is curious that the park is named "Los Pinos".

Perhaps we should be off looking for a doctor to check out my ears. But, we are not going today. Is it important whether this doctor is found now or later? Instead, we are lounging around here, and having a grand time too.

Did you know that Los Pinos is the only RV park in the City of Tepic? I may have mentioned before that Los Pinos is difficult to locate. If you did a Google search for Los Pinos, the website that describes this RV park has the wrong GPS coordinates! But we have entered the correct GPS coordinates in our location link, below.

The daily cost for Los Pinos is 200 pesos [$16US].
Tioga and George at Los Pinos RV Park, Tepic

Clear sky

Location: Los Pinos RV Park
Elevation: 950 meters