Friday, February 15, 2013


12 Noon - Mazatlan
This morning we checked out of Los Pinos RV Park and headed over to the LTH Battery Service Center where MsTioga received a new marine style battery [combination engine starting and deep cycle]. Then we headed over to the AutoZone and picked up the water pump and fan clutch that we ordered a couple of weeks back.

Now we are headed north to the City of Mazatlan to spend some time with friends Bill and Carol. According to Google Maps, Mazatlan is a three hour trip. Might take a little longer since I am driving MsTioga!

In a few weeks we plan to return to the Ford dealer in Tepic to get the water pump and fan clutch installed. But this installation is preventive maintenance. We have no cooling problems at this time. In fact the only thing that is troublesome right now is that Tioga's gasoline gauge has stopped working.

7PM - Las Jaibas RV Park
I was unable to locate Las Jaibas RV Park in Mazatlan. So, I have pulled off the road and am parked next to a Pemex gas station.

Bill and Carol: I am in Mazatlan. Click here to see my location. Would you please come and get me?

8PM - Bill comes to get me!
There was a knock on MsTioga's door. It was Bill! He came to get me. We are now camped at Las Jaibas RV Park!

Lots of clouds