Tuesday, February 19, 2013


9AM - Pics
For some unknown reason, our camera New Mavicita has not been going on trips with me. So, I have not been able to publish many pics for you to see. But my friend Carol took a pic of me eating at Fat Fish!
Jorge at Fat Fish eating ribs

Trip to Malpica and Concordia
Yesterday I went with Bill and Carol on a trip to the Town of Malpica where there is a very old bakery which is located at the rear of a house! This bakery bakes wonderful sweet bread! The bread is baked in a large wood-fired oven.
Malpica Bakery

Wood-fired oven

After leaving the bakery in Malpica, we drove to nearby Concordia and visited a public hot spring which has been turned into a place for washing clothes.
Clothes washing at hot spring in Concordia

Line dancing in Mazatlan
A couple of days ago we went out for supper at an Italian restaurant on the main plaza in the old part of Mazatlan. A bunch of people were line dancing. The music got to me and I joined in!
Jorge line dancing in Mazatlan

Partly cloudy