Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recording video

10AM - Recording video
I am using Streaming Video Recorder to capture movies. This morning I captured "The Hunger Games" and am right now in the middle of capturing "Silver Linings Playbook" both movies starring this year's Best Actress Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence.

Streaming Video Recorder is a product of  Apowersoft.com which works pretty good when a fast video connection is available. Here at Las Jaibas RV Park, the WiFi connection is rather spotty. But this morning the WiFi here has been working really great!

4PM - A boy of the 50s
My Mom and Dad were both musicians. There was always music around our little home. I became a teenager in the 1950s. I bought every one of Frank Sinatra's records. Danced to Frank's music. Fell in love to his music too!

And one song of Frank's that I really love is, "That's All".

Partly cloudy