Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tow car

9AM - Tow car in shop
Bill and Carol's tow car is in the shop for transmission repair. So, they have been walking instead of driving. This morning, the three of us walked to the time-share place across the street in order to eat at the very nice beach-side restaurant.

There is one bird at this restaurant which has figured out that it likes to steal sugar packets from the tables. The three of us got a big kick out of watching this big black bird do its thing!
Black bird sugar packet thief!

11AM - Propane and purified water
MsTioga and I were planning to drive out toay in order to fill our propane tank and buy purified drinking water. However, when we returned from breakfast, Bill spoke with the Felipe, the Las Jaibas RV Park manager and arranged for propane and purified water to be delivered to us.

Pretty neat, huh?

Blue sky