Tuesday, March 19, 2013


6AM - Ameca
As we climbed the mountain heading out of the Pueblo Mascota, New Mavicita captured this pic looking down at the town.
Looking back at Pueblo Mascota

We are heading for the Town of Ameca and have stopped for breakfast in the Pueblo of Atenguillo hoping to find decent Telcel service. Internet here in Antenguillo is amazingly slow, but I am going to attempt to put up some pics on our blog site.

We have been traveling in the Sierra Madre Del Sur range. This means that MsTioga is going up and down hills and valleys very often. From about 1200 meters to 1800 meters elevation. The two lane highway is not great, but not bad either.

12 Noon - Good Internet
We have reached the City of Ameca and finally found internet good enough to publish the pics that we captured over the past two days. We are planning to stay the nite here in Ameca.

Clear sky