Wednesday, March 13, 2013


8AM - Appointment
We have returned to the Ford dealer in Tepic. But this time we have an appointment. The appointment does not insure that a mechanic will be working on MsTioga right away. But maybe it does?

Some readers may not agree with the preventive maintenance work that I am having done on MsTioga. But I most certainly must remain unconfused and sure of my decisions. This "being sure" seems to be more important for me as I get more into senior citizen life.

"Being sure" deserves some explanation. It seems that there is some connection between the aging process and conducting an active and happy life. At least for me there is a connection. I have written to you before about my balance and walking challenges. When I have problems with these things, it makes me feel unsure of being able to do other things. Like making correct decisions on MsTioga's maintenance.

Since this is my first time venturing so deep into senior citizen life, I am not an expert in this area. Food for thought, hmmmmm?

9AM - MsTioga in the shop!
A mechanic named Martin was assigned to do the work on MsTioga. Martin was a mechanic in Sacramento, California and he speaks pretty good English. Better English than my Spanish!

The estimate for work is 4,236 pesos [$338US]. I am supplying the major parts.

11AM - Coolant bypass hose
Suggestions and info received from readers are taken very seriously. In 2009, Reader John Wilmarth emailed advising that the coolant bypass hose be replaced at the time the water pump was replaced. And we followed John's advice.

Today I asked our Ford mechanic to replace the bypass hose again. When the hose was removed, the mechanic showed me that hose, which was just about to fail !!

Thank you, John Wilmarth!

Existing and replacement bypass hoses

As you may see in the pic above, the existing bypass hose is made from kinking a straight hose to form a 90° bend. This fabricated hose may have caused an overheating condition because of the kink restrictiion. The new hose should perform much better.

6PM - Hotel Fray Junipero
We are missing one gasket for the water pump. So, MsTioga will not be ready today! We are staying the nite at Hotel Fray Junipero which is located on the main plaza of Tepic. Right in the center of town!

You may see a Google Map of our hotel location by clicking below!

Partly cloudy