Monday, March 11, 2013

Color Marino RV Park

Color Marino RV Park
Later today we will be leaving Color Marino RV Park. The TiogaRV Team loves it here. But we have found that we are happier being on-the-road! When MsTioga and I are traveling along the highway, at that perfect speed, we are "one with the road". That is what vagabonds are, you know. One with the road!

Remember when we mentioned to you that rent here at Color Marino RV Park is $18US/day? This morning we paid our rent and it was only 390 pesos! [$15.60US]

5PM - Los Pinos RV Park
MsTioga drove all the way to Tepic today and we are camping in Los Pinos RV Park where we have stayed many times before.

In a few minutes I'll pickup 1/2 kilo of BBQ ribs from Buffalucas! Yummmm! We get our WiFi from Buffalucas too!

Clear sky