Friday, March 29, 2013

Computer fixes itself!

Yesterday evening we had a dinner party at Mary-Pat's RV. Invited were Kevin and Ruth and myself. Mary-Pat is a great cook. It's kind of small in Mary-Pat's RV, but we all were comfortable.

During the evening Kevin and I were talking about computer problems. I proposed that computers should fix themselves. After all, it is a computer! Right? Kevin agreed.

Well it so happened, that earlier in the afternoon my MacBook Pro lost its sound on the Windows 7 side of the computer. I use VMware Virtual Software to run both Apple and Windows operating systems on this computer. On the Apple side, the sound was fine. On the Windows side, no sound! Very weird.

Finally by doing many, many searches online, I found one suggestion that worked:
  • "Click the start button and type into the search box: "Audio". 
  • Click on the file that is named: "Find and fix audio playback problems."

Guess what happened? The computer found that the VMware sound card was not set as default! Why and how computers change their settings baffles me. But I am sooooo impressed that my computer actually fixed itself!
Mary-Pat, Kevin and Ruth

1PM - Leaving Hacienda Contreras RV Park
It was not until early afternoon that it was time to say good bye to friends Mary-Pat, Kevin and Ruth. All four of us went together into MsTioga to look around. Then I went over to Mary-Pat's RV for coffee and chatting. That chat turned out to last almost three hours. Sometimes it's hard to say good bye!

MsTioga drove about 10 miles and pulled over for me to take a nap. I had not gone to sleep last nite until way after 3am, because of messing with MacBook Pro's sound problem.
Mary-Pat, Ruth, Jorge and Kevin
Inside MsTioga's office/bedroom

5PM - Nite Camped in Jacona de Plancarte
MsTioga traveled about 55 miles today. We have found a Nite Camp on a quiet street in a nice looking neighborhood in the Town of Jacona de Plancarte in the State of Michoacan.

MsTioga is parked alongside a wall that surrounds our neighbor's home. We like to park next to walls, instead of in front of a neighbor's house!
MsTioga just after sundown
Jacona, Michoacan, Mexico

Partly cloudy


  1. I really like when my computer fixes itself too, they can be a mystery sometimes.
    Dinner parties are fun!

  2. Now if they would only stop breaking themselves.

  3. Um, I think you're giving your computer too much credit George. I think you actually fixed it yourself. ;)

  4. It's all in knowing what buttons to push.

  5. George, what kind of RV does Mary-Pat have?

    1. I believe that Mary-Pat's RV is a Toyota. Kind of short. But great for one person!


  6. I don't know why they call them Computers? Mine doesn't compute anything. It's more of a viewer.

  7. Looks like fun was had by all! I love my MacBook but its 3 years old & will need to be replaced soon. Very nice camp spot!i

  8. Looks like fun was had by all! I love my MacBook but its 3 years old & will need to be replaced soon. Very nice camp spot!i