Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easy life

8AM - The easy life
I believe that I've made choices that make for the easiest life for myself. And for a US citizen living in Mexico, there are many choices to make too! First of all, I chose Mexico to live because this is a very friendly country and the weather here is fantastic. All year long you may find T-shirt and short pants weather somewhere in Mexico. But then there are the choices:

  • Bank account: I chose to leave my money in the United States instead of having a bank account in Mexico. The United States government has a report for citizens having money in foreign banks. I chose not to have anything to do with that reporting business.
  • Vehicle registration: I chose to have my RV registered in South Dakota because the regulations for vehicles in South Dakota are almost non-existent. The actual registration renewal is done for me by Americas Mailbox.
  • Driver's license: Also in South Dakota. License good for five years. I had to travel to South Dakota to get my license. A little bit out of the way. But I had a good time doing the airplane trip.
  • Vehicle insurance: I have liability insurance with a Mexican company. Renewal is done online.
  • How to live: I chose to live in my RV, and not buy land in Mexico. Traveling around is my joy, and to live in one place all of the time seems to be much too restrictive. The easiest life is had by those who pay rent to park their RV.
  • Immigration status: The easiest way to live in Mexico is to use the Visitante (visitors permit). However I want to remain in Mexico all year long, and the Visitante may restrict how long I may stay. So, I chose to get a Temporary Resident permit and use a secretario (like a notary public) to do all the work of getting the permit.

10AM - Hacienda Contreras RV Park
Friend Pete Olson has been writing to me about Hacienda Contreras RV Park, and we want to take a look-see! So, today we will head southeast out of the City of Ameca. It may take us a couple of days to get to Hacienda Contreras since we don't travel very big daily distances.

Hacienda Contreras is located [here].  You may read about the RV Park by clicking this [link].

11AM - Beware the sneaky tope
You can see 1,000 topes. But if you miss seeing just one in a thousand topes, watch out!

In the area that I am driving thru, the topes do not seem to be maintained with paint. It is hard to see many of these speed bumps! I have to be constantly looking just in front of MsTioga. One tope caught me yesterday. And today I just saw the damn thing on time!

1PM - Chimulco Aquatic RV Park
We are staying at Chimulco RV Park. You may recall us staying here late last year during our trip to the Pacific Coast.

There is a free laundry here, and we are washing the clothes!

Partly cloudy

Location: Chimulco RV Park
Elevation: 1,245 meters