Saturday, March 09, 2013

El Rosario

7AM - El Rosario
The Tioga RV Team was not bothered at our Nite Camp site in the Town of El Rosario. Our neighbors were mostly quiet during the early evening. However our next door neighbor serenaded us with music for awhile around 11pm. But it was mellow music, and we enjoyed it.

This morning began with church bells calling out to the flock. We did not get out of bed until the 2nd ringing of those bells. There are some roosters crowing. Not too much traffic noise. The sounds of life in a Mexican town are all around us.

MsTioga wants to drive around El Rosario a bit searching for adventure before heading south again along the free road.
MsTioga at El Rosario Camp

10AM - Gas gauge busted
We may have mentioned a while back, that MsTioga's gas gauge stopped working. Until the gauge gets repaired, we must keep track of when to get gasoline by keeping an eye on how many miles traveled. The plan is, to fill up with gas every hundred miles. That plan should keep us out of trouble.

We are now in the Town of Escuinapa and went to the Pemex station to fill the tank. Took $97US to fill. MsTioga must have been pretty low on gasoline.

1PM - Color Marino RV Park
While in the Town of Escuinapa, we noticed on our Guia-Roji  map book that there is a road that goes west. At the end of this road is the coastal Town of Teacapan. Since we had never been to Teacapan before, we decided to go there to explore.

About 20 minutes before arriving in Teacapan, we came upon a sign pointing west to an RV park! At the end an unpaved road, we found Color Marino RV Park and decided to stay here to see what's what!
Beach RV row at Color Marino

Note: Color Marino was formerly known as Villas Onac.

Partly cloudy