Thursday, March 07, 2013


9AM - Exploring
This is my last full day in Mazatlan. We are going exploring with Bill and Carol, our friends from Indiana and our new friends, Craig and Charity from Alaska.

New Mavicita is going with, so we will have some pics to share with you when we return.

3PM - Pics
Here are the pics from today's exploration! Bill and Carol are wonderful tour guides! The two of them know everything about the things to see and do around Mazatlan!

First we went to the restaurant in the El Meson Restaurant in El Quelite.This is a fabulous place to eat not only for the food, but because of the lovely garden setting of the restaurant.

After breakfast we drove to a leather shop that manufactured saddles for horses. Craig got a leather belt with his name stamped in the belt.

Then we went to see a private label tequila operation. I learned that tequila is not made from the leaves of the blue agave plant, but from the root! In the pic below is a mill that grinds up the root. This is the first process in the manufacturing of tequila.
Restaurant in El Quilete

Carol, Bill, Chris, Charity and George

Leather shop that makes saddles

Mill for grinding agave root to make tequila

Clear sky