Friday, March 15, 2013


7AM - FedEX shipment
You may recall that I am in the process of having my mail shipped to me from Americas Mailbox in South Dakota to Los Pinos RV Park in Tepic. I need to receive this mail in order to complete filing my 2012 Income Tax.

The shipment is being handled by FedEX and was picked up in South Dakota on March 13th. The next day, March 14th, according to FedEX tracking, the package was in Guadalajara, Mexico. I would think that FedEX could deliver this package from Guadalajara to Tepic in one day. It is only a three hour drive.

But I would be wrong! FedEX tracking reports delivery will be made on March 19th. So, I must wait here in Tepic until next Tuesday to receive that package. Hmmmmm?

Water pump-revisited
Some questions have been raised in Shoutbox about the water pump leak that I reported to you about yesterday. The mechanic used teflon tape to stop a very small leak that was passing up along a bolt that secures the water pump.
  • Reader Eddie suggested that a thread sealant should have been used, not teflon tape.
  • Two other readers posted that the water pump should have been removed and the gasket reapplied.
Now! Here is the thing about Shoutbox posts. They are not delivered the same as a phone call. I do not read those posts until I am back on the internet. I am reading those posts now, the day after I left the Ford shop!

Am I going to return to Ford now with these questions? Wow!

4PM - La Peñita RV Park
We have just arrived at the La Peñita de Jaltemba RV Park!

We picked up the shipped package in Tepic this morning. It seems that the FedEX shipment status update did not occur because the bar code of the label had been messed up.
Beach at La Peñita RV Park

Mostly cloudy