Monday, March 04, 2013

Great hitch repair

The Great Hitch Repair Job!
Last Friday, John and Carol's fifth wheel hitch broke on the way from El Chaco on Playa Matanchen to Las Jaibas RV Park in the City of Mazatlan. A partial repair was made at a welding shop in order for John and Carol to reach Las Jaibas RV Park.

The next morning, a Mazatlan shop experienced in both RV repairing and welding was called to see what more was needed to be done. It was decided that on Monday morning, the rest of the job would be completed on site at Las Jaibas RV Park.

Promptly at 9am, a welder and his helper showed up to do the work. John and Carol used the fifth wheel jacks in order to move the broken parts into place. Then the cracks would be welded together in order to secure the breaks. Finally, steel angles would be welded over the tacks to complete the repairs.
Left side crack

Right side crack

Left side welded

Left side steel angle bracket welded in place

Welders at work

Blue sky