Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hacienda Contreras

11AM - Hacienda Contreras
In a short while MsTioga will head out from Chimulco RV Park and head towards Hacienda Contreras RV Park. We just want to take a look-see at Hacienda. Perhaps stay one day and then continue to Queretaro in order to meet with Felipe the Fixer to renew my Mexican Visitor Permit.

Santa Rosalia
Some readers in Shoutbox were wondering if I have ever been to Baja California. Yes! Of course! During my first five years as an RVing vagabond, each winter was spent in Baja California.

I worked hard at making a part of my website that I call, "Archives". My archives contain easy access to all of my blogs of the past. You might take a peek? Those archives and indeed, my entire website will not be around forever. About six months after I pass away, this website will disappear when the bill for web hosting service goes unpaid.

Just a heads-up about ShoutBox. Posts into ShoutBox should be about this blog or at the very least about RVing. No rants. No links plugging other websites. No arguing or sniping at other ShoutBox posters.

We have a Tioga-George Forum which you may use for all of the things forbidden in ShoutBox.

3PM - Hacienda Pics
We arrived at Hacienda Contreras and right away, New Mavicita took the pics below.
Hacienda entrance

View of Hacienda from the hill

Partly cloudy

Location: Hacienda Contreras RV Park
Elevation: 1957 meters