Sunday, March 03, 2013

Hard life

10AM - The hard life
It pains me to describe how hard life is for a Gringo in Mexico. Take this morning, for example. Bill, Carol and I had to walk all the way to El Torres for breakfast. That's a walk of almost 15 minutes. One way! Wow!

We sat in the beach side covered restaurant area. We looked out at the Pacific Ocean's waves rolling in. We had to order breakfast in order to have food to eat! Life is so very hard for us! Lord!

7PM - Doing the town!
Last nite we all took a taxi/truck to the main plaza in Mazatlan. What an experience! Doing the nite life in Mazatlan!

Tonite we are doing the same thing. Only this evening I am taking New Mavicita, our camera hopefully to take pics for you to see.

Clear blue sky