Sunday, March 17, 2013

Income tax

9AM - Income tax
I use TurboTax in order to complete the income tax forms properly. This is the 2nd year using TurboTax. The burden of doing my taxes here in Mexico is pretty much gone with TurboTax.

All that I do is access my Vanguard account in order to get all of the tax info at Vanguard. TurboTax uploads all that tax info and sorts it out into the various tax forms. Then, one by one, I input the information from 1099s and other tax forms that were mailed to me into TurboTax. The instructions for inputting the info are very clear.

Because I receive income from Google for the ads on my website, I have to file a Schedule C, "Profit or Loss From Business". Even that Schedule C, which is somewhat difficult, is manageable with TurboTax.

Then TurboTax checks my completed tax forms for errors. There were a few errors, which I easily corrected. A couple of dividends were entered twice, and TurboTax caught that. After my tax forms were complete, TurboTax filed my taxes with the IRS. It's all done!

A PDF file of my 1040 and other forms was downloaded from TurboTax to my computer. I copied that file to a memory stick and will get my tax forms printed at Office Depot.

10AM - Staying at Tacho's
MsTioga and The Team had a meeting this morning, and decided to stay for another nite at Tacho's. We do not have to be anyplace special until a couple of weeks before April 17th. That's when my FM3 Temporary Resident Permit expires. I want to use Felipe the Fixer to do the FM3 renewal for me. Felipe's office is in the City of Queretaro.

I like Tacho's. The internet connection here is pretty fast. And the big shopping center is a short walk away. A little pricey at 320 pesos per nite [$25.60US]. But considering the location, not bad!

If you click on our location link below, you will be able to see how close we are to Sam's Club, WalMart and the Liverpool Mall.

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