Tuesday, March 05, 2013

John and Carol

8AM - John and Carol leave Las Jaibas
We said good bye to John and Carol this morning. Their welding repairs are complete. The broken hitch is working again. MsTioga and I worry a bit about John and Carol, because their rig-setup includes the truck, fifth-wheel and trailer. Perhaps 60 feet long in all.
John and Carol leaving Las Jaibas

10AM - Cracked again!
John and Carol went thru the north toll booth, then stopped to inspect the welds. John found a crack on the right side of the hitch and decided to return to Las Jaibas for additional repairs.

When making a U-Turn to go thru the south toll booth, they were charged again for a toll. Wow!
Do you see the new crack?

Gussets welded on both sides to strengthen cracked tubes

Mostly cloudy