Monday, March 18, 2013

Mexican resident permit

9AM - Mexican Resident Permit
Yesterday I blogged to you about needing to renew my FM-3 Temporary Resident Permit. This morning I received the following email from friend Art Barker who lives in Tequisquiapan.

Art wrote:

You will hear a lot of mis-information about the new immigration laws.  The bottom line is, there is no more FM-3 or FM-2.  You are either a Temporary Resident or a Permanent Resident.

You must be a Temporary Resident for four years before you go to Permanent.  The amount of money you must make has gone up to 25,000 pesos per month.  The paperwork takes about two weeks longer than it did under the old law because the cards are now made in Mexico D.F.  

Felipe is doing mine right now.  I have already been fingerprinted and signed.   It takes three trips to the office rather than two, as it used to be.  One to initiate the paperwork, one to go in and get finger printed and signature (at this point it is sent back to Mexico D. F.)  and two weeks after that you go pick up your card.  Hope this helps.  Oh.  Of course, the fee went up.

10AM - Change of plans
Our old plan was: Travel to Manzanillo and eat at SeƱor Sushi.

Our new plan is: Travel to the State of Queretaro and go see Felipe the Fixer and get my Temporary Resident Permit renewal started.

MsTioga will be taking the highway thru Mascota. We have never gone on this highway before. Looks like a twisting highway but should be very scenic.

11AM - Carl's Jr!
I have long been a sucker for Carl's Jr! There is a Carl's Jr location heading north out of Puerto Vallarta. I know it's there. There is room for MsTioga to park! Oh joy!

The pic below shows Carl's menu board and is made for you to read. If you click on the pic, it should open wide enough to be able to read the prices.

Click on the pic twice for maximum size.Use left and right arrow keys to move pic when at maximum size.

2PM - Estancia
We have pulled over to rest in the Pueblo of Estancia. A saddled burro is also resting next to MsTioga.

We are high in the Sierra Madre del Sur range. Our GPS shows an elevation of 980 meters. You may see our location by clicking [here].

4PM - Camping in Pueblo of Mascota
We are Nite Camping in the Pueblo of Mascota. Although our Telcel internet service is available here, it is very, very poor in quality. We may not be able to post any pics here. Or even format text.

Across the street there is a little taco stand run by two women who live in the house behind their restaurant. I ordered two beef tacos and a coke!

Clear sky

Location: Pueblo of Mascota, Jalisco
Elevation: 1,240 meters