Friday, March 01, 2013

Panama Restaurant

1PM - Panama Restaurant
Bill and Carol invited me to go to breakfast with them in the center of Mazatlan at the Panama Restaurant. We are taking a taxi because their tow car is still in the shop.

After breakfast we went to the nearby marketplace to browse around. I bought two Mazatlan T-shirts.

Shopping for honey

2PM - The end of the doldrums!
I was very glad that Bill and Carol came by to invite me for breakfast this morning. As you know, I have been in a big sink hole of doldrums lately. Going out for breakfast with Bill and Carol helps me a lot!

I believe that I am coming to the end of my doldrums. In the next few days I will be heading back to Tepic for MsTioga's maintenance issues that we wrote to you about before. Then we will be off again searching for adventure.

About time too! There is no reason for me to have been in the doldrums. My life is much better than most. I have no pressing physical or medical issues. No money issues.

Blue sky