Saturday, March 16, 2013

Puerto Vallarta

12 Noon - Puerto Vallarta
We have just arrived in Puerto Vallarta. MsTioga is parked at the shopping center with the south WalMart. We plan to camp at Tachos RV Park. But first we want to eat at the buffet restaurant in the mall. I really like the buffet!

The name of the restaurant is "Sirloin Stockade". We do not recommend the steak, because steak in Mexico is usually tough to eat! We chose the grilled chicken and brought the chicken home to eat. The buffet fills you up!

2PM - Tacho's RV Park
MsTioga is now at Tacho's.  The two Canadians that were our neighbors at Tacho's when we were last here are gone. So, we took one of their sites

After I took the pic of MsTioga and myself, I noticed that I have gained a lot of weight lately. Just call me fatso! Gotta cut out the chocolate candy!
Tioga and George at Tacho's

Clear sky