Friday, March 08, 2013

RV campgrounds

7AM - RV campgrounds
As you may know, we on the TiogaRV Team have been camping mostly in RV campgrounds. Ever since our December 12, 2011 robbery [link], we have been more cautious about camping along the road.

However, this cautious approach has its own problems. Because staying in RV campgrounds takes away from our life the tremendous flexibility of going anywhere we wanted. With this one "RV campground" decision, we have given up soooooo much!

That is why this morning when we head out of Mazatlan, we are tossing out planning where to go. Tossing out having a destination. Instead we are reverting back to the way we used to be before "fear" took hold.

We will simply wander around searching for adventure and let the chips fall where they may!

2PM - Town of El Rosario
MsTioga has traveled 47 miles today and is ready for her Nite Camp location. We have pulled off the Free Road and picked a neighborhood that is somewhat quiet. There is no reason for us to believe that this neighborhood is any safer than any other in El Rosario. Just a feeling that we get from watching the people walking around.

You may see our location by clicking the link below.

3PM - Afternoon meal
I prepared a taco with refried beans, onion and cheese. I do not need much food anymore. Of course there is always some chocolate candy inside MsTioga! I do love the sweets!
Taco for supper

Mostly cloudy