Thursday, March 14, 2013


7AM - Frank Sinatra
I'm in the hotel room and my mind is not on water pump gaskets. I'm thinking about a record album that I bought back in the 1950s called, "Songs For Swingin' Lovers". Frank Sinatra! Man! He was the best! The album was a 33-1/3rpm. I still recall in my mind's eye what the album cover looked like.

So, I spent over an hour this morning on You Tube recording the songs from this album. Those songs mean a lot to me. In 1956 I was 18 years old and in love for the third time in my life. She was a Jewish girl who was born in Monterey, Mexico. Her family moved to East Los Angeles. She was fluent in Spanish. She taught me to dance the Cha Cha. We listened to Frank Sinatra together. Man-O-Man!

11AM - Water pump leaking!
Our mechanic has a challenge because one of the water pump's bolts is passing engine coolant. He has tried to use teflon tape to stop the leak. Although the leak is small, it still leaks.

It appears to be a tough challenge to stop this leak completely!

2PM - MsTioga all fixed up!
The engine was run for over 1/2 hour to check for leaks. No leaks! MsTioga's engine runs cooler now! The cost for the repairs is 5,160 pesos [$413US]. This includes [2] serpantine belts which we may not have mentioned before.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
We decided on a treat for lunch. KFC! First time we have been to KFC in about a year. The differences between restaurants here in Mexico compared to the United States are interesting.
  • Mexicans tend to eat lunch at about 2pm instead of noon
  • Mexican people do not like baked beans
  • Cole slaw is called salad in Mexico
  • You cannot get honey or butter for your biscuit in Mexico. But we walked away from the counter with several packets of salsa jalapeno
A three piece combo with two sides and a soft drink costs 69 pesos [$5.50US]
KFC in Tepic

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