Monday, March 25, 2013


9AM - To toad or not to toad?
That is the question! There is no doubt in the collective mind of the TiogaRV Team, that most RVers who come to Mexico toad. RVers who come to Mexico mostly stay in RV campgrounds. These RVers use the campground for a base, and search for adventure with their toads. [Toad=tow vehicle, usually a car or pickup truck]

We on the TiogaRV Team have gone over the toad or not toad question many, many times. And we have always answered that question by choosing not to toad. We have chosen to use MsTioga as a combination home and auto. As we did yesterday when we went off to the Pueblo Valle de Juarez and explored the town.

The basic difference about being toadless [no tow vehicle] is that we always have our RV home with us. We can go someplace, decide to camp there, and not have to return to base camp as do the toadies. But there are toad advantages too! For example, yesterday when we went to Valle de Juarez, MsTioga had to be very, very careful to stay away from narrow streets. While RVers driving a tow car could go everywhere with abandon!

Below is a pic of Ruth and Kevin with their tow vehicle and RV
Ruth and Kevin
Toad: Little blue car / RV: Sherman the tank

PS: Kevin and Ruth publish a really terrific blog [link].

12 Noon - Battery caps
For many years, we used Water Miser Battery Caps [link] on our solar battery bank. Last year we replaced the Water Miser Caps with Flow-Rite's Pro-Fill Battery Watering System [link].

We have had some unexpected results with our new Flow-Rite system that we would like to share with you. The Flow-Rite battery caps do not permit vapor from the batteries to escape resulting in dry battery tops and no corrosion of the battery terminals. Also, the amount of water consumed by batteries with Flow-Rite system is almost nothing!

On the other hand, the Water Miser battery caps sprayed battery vapor all over the battery tops, corroded battery terminals and used more than two liters of water each month.
Battery bank with Flow-Rite watering system

Note: Gases produced during battery charging, such as hydrogen gas, do pass thru the battery caps of the Flow-Rite system.

Partly cloudy

Location: Hacienda Contreras RV Park
Elevation: 1957 meters

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  1. This does not quite sound right. The caps from Flow Systems are designed specifically to prevent electrolyte from escaping your batteries. Spraying electrolyte sounds oddly contrary to their intended purpose.

    If you are using two liters of water in the batteries per month, it sounds like there is a bigger issue at hand. Possible over charging, caps are not on properly, a cracked cell case or batteries are filled with too much water. The caps have been tested both in the lab and in the field for many years without fail.

    As a side note, when batteries age the lead oxide paste on the internal plates is slowly consumed. When this occurs, more water is needed because the batteries are working harder (ie gradually producing more heat) which evaporates a greater amount of water. This may also be one of the reasons your batteries are using more water than they did previously.

    All batteries need to vent hydrogen and oxygen. Even the closed cell batteries have a vent to release the gasses that are not recombined through the catalytic process. The reason I mention this is that hydrogen is flammable and explosive so please don't assume their is no hydrogen in the surrounding area of the batteries even with your new watering system attached.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Drew Barrett