Saturday, March 02, 2013


Yesterday afternoon readers Craig and Charity came to call. They are from Wasilla, Alaska and are staying in a hotel/resort nearby Las Jaibas RV Park. Craig and Charity wanted to go out for supper with me.

Here it gets a bit complicated:
John and Carol were supposed to be coming to Las Jaibas during the afternoon. We did not know it at the time, but John and Carol broke down during their trip north yesterday. Bill, Carol and I were supposed to go with John and Carol to Fat Fish for pork ribs.

By sundown when John and Carol did not arrive, Craig and Chaity offered to drive Bill, Carol and myself to Fat Fish for supper. And we took them up on that driving offer.

The ribs were great as they always are at Fat Fish. After supper when we returned to Las Jaibas, we found out that John and Carol had just arrived! Their rig had two breakdowns. A flat tire on their fifth-wheel and a terribly cracked hitch! The fifth wheel had to be towed very slowly to a welding shop for repairs. John and Carol are tired, but they are OK.

We gave John and Carol our left over ribs for their supper.
Charity, Carol, Bill, George and Craig
[At Fat Fish]

John and Carol's hitch repair
After arriving at Las Jaibas RV Park, John examined his hitch more closely than before. On re-examination, John found that the welds securing the hitch to the support plate are cracked. The rust on these cracks indicate that these cracks happened some months ago. Likely before John and Carol entered Mexico late last year.

An RV mechanic with experience doing hitch repairs similar to what is required now, looked at the damage a couple of hours ago. This mechanic will return Monday morning to repair the broken welds. First the hitch bracket will be tacked to secure the position. Then the truck will be removed and a complete weld, both inside and outside, will be made.
Bill and John looking at the broken hitch

Blue sky