Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What happened yesterday?

I lost my Blogger template yesterday. I did not lose my blog or website. That template [an HTML file] was written by me about 10 years ago when Blogger was very different than now. Back then I wanted to have a three column blog, and Blogger did not offer such templates.

My template was not approved by Blogger. When I went to upload that template to my Blogger account, it was rejected! However, as you may see by today's post, all was not lost!

With the help of Kevin of "Travel with Kevin and Ruth" fame [link], I now am using an approved Blogger template. How does it look to you? Hmmmm?

In yesterday's post right after I realized that Blogger would not let me upload my old template, I wrote to you that I would not be blogging to you anymore. I lost my cool. And I would like for you to accept my apology for that.

Yesterday and Tomorrow buttons
As you may see, my blog does not use the "Yesterday and Tomorrow" buttons anymore. Instead, my new Blogger approved template offers "older" and "newer" buttons that you will find at the bottom of each post. With these "older" and "newer" buttons, you may easily move from one day's post to another.

Comments box missing
I see that the Comments Box is missing this morning and am trying to fix that!

Note:  Comments box showing now!

1PM - Propane truck arrives
A propane truck arrive at Hacienda Contreras RV Park and almost all of the residents went over to have their RV propane tanks filled. Really neat that we get propane service here, and don't have to go out searching for a propane station.
Propane truck at Hacienda Contreras RV Park

5PM - Supper in Mazamitla
Mary, and I went together to the nearby Town of Mazamitla to go to the Telcel store. Mary needs to buy a Telcel WiFi stick. Afterwards, we did some shopping and then went for supper at a small but very nice restaurant.

Mary is a new friend of mine!
George and Mary in a restaurant in Mazamitla

Blue sky

Location: Hacienda Contreras RV Park
Elevation: 1957 meters


  1. Hurrah!! Whatever Jorge puts his mind to, he succeeds! Your thousands of fans are happy and your new look is great! Looking forward to 10 more years of your adventures........

  2. Way to GO George! Comeback of the year!

  3. So glad you are back, have been a fan for 5 years.

  4. No more shout box?


  5. Well George, it's truly unfortunate that you've lost your old Blogger template HOWEVER, for one reason or other, I've NEVER been able to get into Shoutbox. (I'm Planetbob)
    I know we tried sorting it out a long time ago, but somehow I buggered something up.
    Well. NOW I can at least comment on your blog. I just hope that you don't get inundated with spam is all. You're a popular guy.
    Keep writing. We're here.

  6. Way to go George. You can overcome what seems to be impossible.

    We will continue reading , no matter what the format.\


  7. I do hope you put "shout box" back! That makes it possible for your followers to be in touch with each other--------helps a lot when we get worried about you!
    Seems to me that Blogger wanted bigger ads?

  8. George has made it perfectly clear many times he likes the ads to take up half of the page. Its part of his income. I think he has control of the ad layout and size and profits the most from this layout.

  9. Many years ago a co-worker of mine, while experiencing computer troubles of some sort, said "You can't experience high technology without pain." I've found that to be true as well and now perhaps you are again. Between computers, cell phones, satellite dishes, and digital cameras you've had your share of high-tech pain!

  10. Welcome back, There's 2 of us that read your blog daily. We would have really missed you. I'm so glad Kevin and Ruth were able to help.

  11. George - I like the new format, much easier to read and communicate with you. Nice Job!

  12. I like your new blog template. It's simple and classy, the tan background is masculine and the flying birds in the corner are perfect for a traveling guy. And since you say all your stuff is till part of your blog, all is good. We all lose our cool at times, so don't worry about it.

  13. George - I love this new template - and now I can easily comment, which I've never done before even though I read every post. I wonder how many new commenters you will have now.

    Sometimes things happen, and turn out well. I agree with QuiltinLibraryLade - this template is very classy. And I'm very glad you're not going to quit blogging, although I completely understand your anger yesterday. Blogger can do that, for sure! :)

  14. George, I like your posts most with pictures and the "How Cool is That" comments. I wish nothing but the best for you. Just keep exploring and carry your camera.

  15. Hi Jorge/George .....
    My first reply - not much to add to the blog at this point. Maybe it's 'cause you just left my RV!!! Glad to be a part of your blog and will be ready with comments soon.
    Butterflies and Heart Songs

    1. Hi Mary-Pat,
      Really had a good time with you today. Readers like your pic at the restaurant!

  16. Hey George, welcome back with your new format... Its cool and will keep things on the up and up with blogger..

    Add the Blog Archive widget to your side bar, so we can zoom back and forth thru the years of your posts... That way we can go look in 2008 march and find something.... or where ever we want...

    I also like the search this blog widget that will look all thru your writings for a key word and offer posts where you discussed that subject... Just some ideas, and glad you got it sorted out, because we would really miss you because you are a special blog friend... Rod

  17. I like this new template. I liked the old, too, but this is good. I really like the comment section. My iPad never let me get on shout box and I almost never use my laptop so I rarely commented. Glad you're feeling better today. No apologies necessary.


  18. Very happy you are continuing to blog! Cheers

  19. Naw! I miss the old template! :(

  20. I thought you were using a back up service???

  21. butterbean carpenter3/27/13, 3:28 PM

    Howdy T&G,
    For one I am glad 'Blogger' screwed-up!!! I'm like Bob, I could never get the 'Shout-box' thing to work and now I'm able to comment!!! I'm sure glad we didn't 'lose' you, to the ethernet, because I like tagging along down in Mexico, whether with you or Kevin & the beautiful Ruth!!! Y'all go interesting places and find out all of the quirks around down there!!! What ever happened to the 'garden-spot' by Pete?? Hope all of your roads are smooth ones, from now on!!!

  22. Please put back David and Weng :(

  23. Yes, put back David & Weng...please w/sugar on top!

  24. No matter what template is used, this is probably the greatest RV site there ever was. I've been following it for several years now.

  25. You are the best George....I don't care what the format is, it's your words that are important!

  26. I've read your blog for many years, would have missed it terribly.

  27. Your new friend is beautiful!

  28. I'm liking what I'm seeing and reading...very happy.

  29. Lots of anonymous comments....this should be fun. I have to ask did you loose your site count.

  30. Was very surprised to see the new format, I haven't followed daily because life got busy for me. Glad you regained your "cool" and will continue blogging in whatever format. Your new friend is lovely. Keep on keeping on. Bobinor.

  31. New Template looks good and easier to comment on too.
    Looks like all is going well again.
    Nice new friend!

  32. What ads??? I don't see any ads. Maybe it's Chrome with AdBlock. ;)

  33. I've been following you for years, long before I was a full-timer myself. Your inspiration contributed to my decision to live this lifestyle & I wouldn't change a thing! So happy you aren't going anywhere & love your blogger layout. I use blogger, too.