Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A simple life

My goal is to keep a simple life. Not owning land is a big part of that goal. I almost bought land twice here in Mexico over the past couple of years. Instead, I am camping in my RV at the end of a short dead end dirt road.

My next door neighbors are Memo and Terry. I have a handshake agreement with them to let me use their water and electricity. In exchange, I pay the bills for these two utilities. So, I won't own land. But I will have water and power. Can it get much simpler than that?

One reason for not owning land here is change. Although Home Camp right now is in an ideal setting, this all  could change. The lovely farm below us, which right now is a gorgeous view, could be sold and hundreds of houses built there. The quiet farm-like quality of this place could vanish in a heart beat.
Before sunrise view from MsTioga's door

7:30AM - Walk around the rancho
The Pueblo of Santillán where Home Camp is located is a rancho community. People here earn their living from crops and farm animals. Santillán is a colony of the City of Tequisquiapan, about a 10 minute drive south.

This morning we walked down the hill and alongside the fields. Many of the fields are not planted. Perhaps waiting for the first rain. But one field was a lush green.
A pic from our morning walk

11AM - Seeds
I want flowers growing and blooming at Home Camp. I suppose that I could go out and buy flower seeds. Last year I did just that. However, none of my flower seeds even germinated!

But still I had lot of flowers growing and blooming in front of MsTioga. Nature provided the seeds. All I needed was the discipline to water the ground.

The only flower growing around here now is the one in the pic below. And this flower is less than 1/2" diameter.
Home Camp's only flower

12 Noon - Temperature and weather sticker
Do you sometimes wonder about the little weather sticker on my blog? I update that sticker every time I make a blog post. All these stickers are is HTML code. I have one sticker for every sky. Clear sky, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, rain, over cast and nite sky.

4PM - Fumigation
MsTioga just made an appointment for a fumigation for ants and roaches. There is a pest control place here in Tequisquiapan named "ZanCen", who will do the work. We made an appointment for this coming Monday afternoon. During the fumigation, I will stay at a hotel.

Clear sky


  1. Owning land would put a crimp on your lifestyle I would imagine, although owning land in Mexico certainly wouldn't be as onerous as owning land north of the border.
    Your present arrangement is just about the best of both worlds. Can't be beat.

  2. What a great way to live...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Seems like Mexico has really been developing in the last 10 years. I was there a lot in the 1980's and it looked very differently.
    Staying mobile keeps your options very open. It's hard to move land.

  4. No way would we buy property in Mexico! When it is so cheap to rent, why would anyone buy and have the headaches that go along with that. We don't get it!


  5. Strongly suggest you check the chemicals they use, especially in such a confined space. You may be better off with the bugs!
    Bill in Chico

  6. When was the last time you checked your propane lines for leaks? I remember reading a blog of yours where you had a system to check these. Maybe you could post a link for this procedure. Keep your life simple!