Friday, April 05, 2013

Construction project

Yesterday we went to Madereria Lomas, a little lumberyard in Tequisquiapan. A sheet of plywood is needed to make a new refrigerator vent cover. The original plastic vent cover was lost years ago when MsTioga got too close to an overhanging tree limb. That original vent cover was replaced by a fabricated one. But this replacement was also lost when MsTioga once more got too close to some overhanging object.

MsTioga is going to have to learn to stay away from overhanging things!

We could buy a vent cover in the USA and have it shipped here. But Jorge has it in his mind to make a vent cover. Hmmmmm?

Anyway, the plan is to make a vent cover out of the purchased plywood. Then take the new cover to Panchito's Body Shop here in the Village of Santillán and have him cover the wood vent cover with fiberglass. Then paint it. And finally, install the new cover on the fridge vent.
Sheet of plywood for vent cover project

PS: We have some other projects planned for the plywood. But we will write about those later!

12 Noon - Lunch
For lunch, the menu is BBQ chicken left-over. I like cut-up chunks of BBQ chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla. Carrots and strawberries were on the menu too.

The pic in the background is my son David who died in 2010. I sure miss that David!
BBQ chicken lunch

2PM - Last winter
During last winter, our readership dropped like crazy. Daily visitors went from 3,200/day in October, 2012 to 2,250/day in March, 2013. Readers were bored by our blog. We were not traveling much. Mostly we just stayed at El Chaco RV Resort and watched movies.

During that winter, I did not know what was going on? I mostly hung out inside of MsTioga. Not visiting with other RVers much. But now that I am thru that period in my life, I am able to look back with perspective. I believe that I now know what was happening.

I was depressed because of what happened to my children. One dead. The other out of my life. Last winter I was grieving for this loss. Also, I was having difficulty adjusting to my physical decline. The aging process really caught up with me during the last several months.

But I slugged my way thru those times, and now I am doing really good. Wanna know something? I am not watching many movies anymore. Those movies were a diversion. I do not need a diversion anymore. I have too many things to do!

Thank you for hanging in there with me!

4PM - Busy Bees!
Thru-out the morning, The TiogaRV Team have been Busy Bees. First we put up a cross for our two hummingbird feeders. The cross is anchored to the ground by two holes dug into this very rocky earth.  In one hole goes the cross, and in the hole a cross-brace. You may see pics of this construction in the next few days.

After putting up the hummingbird cross, we prepared the hummingbird nectar. Standard recipe. One part sugar to four parts water. After the nectar had cooled, we put out the feeders. In only a few minutes, we had out first hummer! Fantastic!!

Later on we set up a wood shop in front of MsTioga to mill up the plywood for our construction project. After milling up a couple of parts, hunger pangs had set in. We took a break for half a peanut butter and jam sandwich. The air-conditioner was turned on and has brought temperature down from 88°F to 82°F. Humidity is down too!
Our first hummer!

Our Home Camp wood shop

Partly cloudy


  1. Sounds good Jorge - so glad to hear it. We are still in Sedona, AZ waiting for good weather to get home. I've done enough walking on my broken toe that my whole foot is swollen so will just sit around for a couple of days. Maybe....

  2. Still with you here, George. Movies, RV repairs, travel, whatever - it's all good! It's the life of George that holds our continuing interest. Been with you almost since the first post so many years ago. Glad you're out and about these days. :)

    - Joe

  3. Normal ups and downs of life. Life is not easy but is better than the alternative.
    Been with you for years and hope to keep doin' it.
    Happy travels George.

  4. Been with you every day for many years. And a personal visit when you passed through Calistoga, California.

  5. I, too, thought you were depressed but only you and you alone can say if you are or were. I am glad that you have fixed that or are dealing with it. I am still reading your blog and hope that you continue to let us in on what is happening in your everyday life.

  6. Jorge,
    I am very happy to see you doing "things" again.

    I was almost in a panic when you posted the other day that you were no longer going to blog, I posted it on my blog, but then, you changed your mind (thank goodness) :)

    I also have been following your adventures for many years.
    I consider you a pioneer in the RV world,
    You have inspired me to boondock and have been a boondocking addict ever since.

    I will soon be a full timer instead of a part-timer.
    I spend part of my winters in Quartzsite with a group of full timers and part timers,
    Your name comes quite often around the campfire in the evenings. All discussion are always positive.

    You inspire more than you probably realize..


  7. Do you think your lifestyle caused David to kill himself? Do you think Joe has estranged you due to your lifestyle or choices taken. Just asking,,

    1. Have you been a jerk all your life or is this just a one time thing? WOW !

  8. Graeme, you're an ass.

  9. Graeme, do you think your lifestyle has caused you to ask questions such as these? Just asking ...

  10. Graeme, discretion and prudence are not your highest virtues. A question such as yours is totally out of order.

  11. Nice to see that you are out of your funk, and getting life back on track Keep the blo going.

  12. So what is in order Scott? Do you define what can and can not be asked. Are you advocating throttles on speech? I just asked a couple of questions. That's it.

    1. If you don't get it from the way people reacted to your comment, no explaining it will make it any clearer to you.

    2. Of course, you are correct. As you always want to be....marvelous

  13. I once had a doctor, who while writing down my symptoms, added grief to the list after talking with me. While it surprised me she added this it also helped me understand that while I would never truely heal from my mom's death I needed to understand how it was also a part of how my medical symptoms were effecting me and I needed to allow myself to grieve to get better.

    Glad to see health, happiness, and keeping good memories close in those snapshots. You have come through a very rough time, don't be too hard on yourself. You bring so much to all of us wannabe's. 24 months til we are full time. Kris (the Meandering Jaxs)

  14. Kathe K. you have an ass too. Not sure which is larger.

    Steve. Wow I am hurt that you said that thing about me.

    Joe and Tracy. Nice, you must feel good by writing that. Just asking...

  15. Hola Jorge, My Brother-in-law feeds MANY hummers in the OK summer. He does not cook their food, nor uses red color. I recall those MX hummers are big and hungry. He just made sure the sugar dissolved. Give it a go. Less work for us seniors. Still loving your Blog Cindy and Herb

  16. George,

    As you know, life isn't easy. Not for you, not for me, and not for most people.

    Just know that I pray for you, my friend.