Thursday, April 04, 2013

Electric installation

Wally is a professional electrician. His day job is at an electrician shop in the City of Tequisquiapan. Our electric installation was done very professionally. A 20 amp circuit breaker was installed into the breaker box located at the meter. The wires runs were clamped to the concrete walls. The aerial run from the pole at the meter to Memo and Terry's house was secured with wire ties which serve as strain reliefs.

While Wally worked at wiring in the breaker, my neighbor Memo cut a hole into the block wall of his home for the exterior connector box. The project was grounded by cable going to a piece of re-bar that was hammered into the earth.

After the electric job was completed, the work was tested with a circuit tester which showed the wiring was correct and the ground functioning properly.
Wally installing breaker

Memo shows connector box he installed

Hooked up!
We on the TiogaRV Team have enough solar electric power to live at Home Camp without an electric hookup. However, it is soooooo much better for us being hooked up with both electric power and water.

Last nite I took a long hot shower without any concern for water conservation. This morning it was a bit chilly. So, Tioga's forced air furnace was turned on to make us comfortable. Pretty neat, huh?

Yesterday neighbor Terry gave me her water and power bills. The power cost for February is 179 pesos [$14.32US]. The water bill is 42 pesos [$3.36US]. Of course I will add to these two amounts significantly. But the convenience of being hooked up should be more than worth it.
Connector box showing rain resistant cover

11AM - The Italian Coffee Company
What does a retired RVer do for fun? Well, nearly everything I do is fun! But for special fun today, I have a 2pm date with Arturo of Tequisquiapan to meet at The Italian Coffee Company. Just to talk and share what has been going on.

BTW, I love the cold capuchino drinks that Italian Coffee serves. My favorite flavors are cajeta and caramelli [both flavors are versions of caramel].

1:30 - Early for date
I am early for my date with Arturo. The atmosphere of The Italian Coffee Company is really nice. The tables extend out into the walking area of the Pedregal Mall. Good for people watching.
Jorge and Arturo
The Italian Coffee Company - Tequisquiapan

Partly cloudy


  1. Read the following article this morning. Let's hope it happens!

    "Politicians say they will promote bill to bring the Web to all of Mexico.

    A citizens’ initiative for free Internet nationwide has gained the support of some lawmakers.

    A citizens’ group has asked the Political Coordination Board in the Senate to take up the “Free Internet for All” bill, which seeks to establish free Internet access across the whole of Mexico. The group wants the initiative debated as part of the telecommunications reform, which was presented in Congress on Monday.

    Lawmakers now have 30 days to vote on both the telecommunications reform bill and the free Internet proposal..."

    1. This proposal sounds wonderful to me!


  2. Hi George just wondering what you do with black and gray water and remember if you want to take a long trip up here to Soldotna Alaska youre always welcome at our home
    Jerry and Cyndie

    1. Hi Jerry,

      There are a couple of aquatic parks a short drive north of Tequisquiapan that cater to RV campers. These parks have dump stations.

      I've never been to Alaska before. Thank you for the invitation!


  3. Thanks for the information, I'm on 5 acres i definitely have room for a few rvs with water electric and sewage keep
    us in mind if you want to come up and see some amazing scenery along with fishing and kayaking and many other things you'd be welcome to stay as long as you want.

  4. Enjoy the electricity George.

  5. Wire ties disintegrate with the heat and the sun after a time. At important places that need support should have a more secure type of hold down. The suns rays harden and crack Tie raps. Have fun my friend

    1. boeing46,

      Thank you sooooo much for the heads-up! I'll shop for a strain relief to replace the wire ties.


  6. That receptacle is no longer rain resistant when the cover is opened and the cord plugged in.

    1. Like Eddie points out, you need a weatherproof receptacle cover while in use... Its a clear plastic cover that allows the cord to be pushed up from the bottom and plugged in while covering the entire outlet so it can't get wet.

  7. How long is the cord from Terry's house to Ms. Tioga? A voltage drop could bother the air conditioner.

  8. Things electrical aren't quite as "finished " as in the US. But for the most part, stuff works.
    Glad you are having a great time George, Good to have a blog. When you have the occasional "down" day, you can look back at these days, and know that more great times are around the next corner. :)

  9. Sure is nice to have electric and water hook ups. Even the price is pretty affordable too.

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