Saturday, April 06, 2013


Warning: This is a rant!

Yesterday I received a text message from Telcel which read:
"Tu tarifa promocional de $1 por MB expira hoy, la tarifa regular es $0.02 por KB. Navega con las mejores tarifas, mas informacion en" (Your promotional rate of 1 peso per MB expires today. The regular rate is 2 centavos per KB. Navigate with better rates. More info at

Telcel sends out messages somewhat similar all the time notifying that this or that has expired and that you must buy additional whatever in order to continue.

These messages from Telcel are attempts from the company to get money from their customers. If you do nothing, it costs you nothing. Your service cost does not change. You do not have to buy anything to continue. The text message warning of a price change is hoodwinking.

If you go to a Telcel office and complain, the agent will explain it all away with some story. And they will smile about what Telcel does. Bummer!

Fridge vent cover
Late yesterday afternoon, I completed the fridge vent cover that I wrote to you about. All that remains now is for Panchito's Body Shop to cover the vent with fiberglass, paint it, then install the vent cover.

I am going to design a method of securing the new vent so that it will not easily be brushed off of MsTioga's roof.
New fridge vent

5PM - Back from shopping trip
Went shopping for shoes this afternoon. My shoes seem to last forever. So, I don't go on many shoe-shopping trips. I wanted to go to a Zapateria 3 Hermanos  store, because they are so large and have good selection. But Google took me to a little San Juan del Rio shoe store that the owner named after the large chain. Hmmmm?

Anyway, that wrong-trip was sort of exciting as our GPS led me into strange places.

Finally, back in the part of San Juan del Rio that is familiar, a nice shoe store appeared next to a big Soriana Store.  This shoe store stocked a large selection of Caterpillar shoes, and I bought a pair. Expensive suckers! 1725 pesos!

On returning to Home Camp, we found the next door neighbor's dog, Peluchita, begging for a hand out. And we fed her. Also, we see lots of hummers feeding from our plastic flowers.

Partly cloudy


  1. Be sure to not make it stay on too strong or it could get caught by a limb and ruin the roof. That would give you a much larger repair. Replacing the vent is a small price to pay verses the damage that could happen. Just something to think about.

    1. Steve: Thank you! Good point.


    2. The vents that come on our RVs are meant to break away so that severe damage does not tear our roof off. Replacing an inexpensive vent is easier to fix than a roof. I have replaced a few.

    3. Like a sacrificial anode.

  2. Looks like a solid "cap"? Hopefully you'll have vent slots or holes somewhere to allow air flow?

  3. George your work looks very nice.

  4. Hola George:
    Just returned from buying a banda ancha - ¡finalemente! Wi-fi connection here is excellent; I even streamed a Netflix movie last evening. Looks like you're in repair mode.

    1. Streaming movies will use up your banda ancha time very quickly Mary-Pat!

  5. Maybe there is an unlimited plan. It may be cheaper in the long run. I know how much you like movies on streaming media like Netflix. It sounds like the plan you have is a pain and expensive. I have an unlimited cable plan and it is so nice to be able to watch all the content to my families desire. A lil expensive but well worth it. You are in Mexico and will have to settle with what is available. Depending where you are you might check into Direct TVs availability in your area. Very low profile domes now that connect automatically. The cost is coming down on these. Good luck my friend.