Monday, April 01, 2013

Phone problem

You may recall that we are here in the City of Queretaro in order to renew our Mexican immigration card. The plan was to phone Felipe the Fixer this morning for an appointment to meet with him later today.

Yesterday our Telel phone ran out of time, and needed to be recharged. We used a credit card to do that recharge. Instead of going thru immediately as it usually does, this time our recharge shows a status of "Pending".

So, MsTioga is going to drive to Felipe's office without an appointment to see if we are able to connect with him. Not a big deal even if we do not connect with Felipe today. We have until April 14th to begin immigration card renewal.

Apple Computer store
Another thing that we want to do in the City of Queretaro is find an Apple Computer store in order to do some maintenance on our MacBook Pro notebook. Remember that MacBook has been reporting a "Service Battery" alert, and needs a battery replacement.

10AM - Google to the rescue!
The only problem with finding Felipe's office is that the location was on our old GPS and that old GPS has been replaced with a new one! We do not have an address for Felipe the Fixer!

However, we know that Felipe's office is just around the corner from the Immigration Office in the City of Queretaro. Using Google we located the Immigration Office in "maps". Then, we got the GPS coordinates and plugged them into our new GPS. Voila!

We had a very nice meeting with Felipe. He now has all the stuff required for renewal, even the little pics which we bought from an ID photo place a few blocks away.

In a couple of weeks, Felipe will phone me on my cell phone telling me when to return to his office. Cost of all of this is 6815 pesos. Felipe receives 3000 pesos for his service.
Felipe in his office

3PM - Home Camp!
We have decided to forgo the trip to the Apple Computer store. Plenty of time to make that trip when we return next to Felipe the Fixer. Besides, we are sooooo anxious to see Home Camp again!

When we arrived at Home Camp, we found it pretty much as we left it last year. The rock piles that we built to level MsTioga were still there. So were our painted marks on the ground for locating MsTioga's exact camping spot.

It is so dry here. You would not believe. No grass growing anywhere. Even cactus appears to be under stress. First thing that we did was get out our water hose to begin watering the dry earth.
Jorge watering Home Camp's dry earth

5PM - Pollo Asado
On the way to Home Camp, as we passed thru the center of Tequisquiapan, we stopped at our favorite pollo asado [BBQ chicken] place. We got a delicious whole BBQ chicken. Yummmm!

On the menu with the chicken are flour tortillas and refried beans.

9:30PM - Cool nites
I was sitting outside a little while ago. The sounds of a pleasant evening waft over to me. Neighbors talking. A few barking dogs. Way off in the distance, the quiet sound of trucks moving on the highway.

The temperature has dropped. When we arrived it was 98°F outside. Now it is 79°F. We will not have any trouble sleeping here at Home Camp if it remains cool like this. Even during the afternoon when the temperature was warmest, it does not feel hot. The elevation is high here. 1921 meters. Maybe the elevation is why it feels so pleasant during the evening.

Mostly cloudy


  1. Order a new battery online, install it yourself, and save about $80!

    1. Isn't the battery in the MacBook Pro (2010) built in? I prefer to let somebody knowledgeable change out the battery.


  2. Be careful with the narrow streets. Didn't you have a slight mishap the last time you went to see Felipe the Fixer?

    1. Scott,

      Yes! You remembered that time when I followed my GPS directions on a too narrow street.

      I did not make that same mistake this time!


  3. So you don't need to go out of Mex and then bank in?

    1. CAE,

      That is correct, because I am classified as a "non-immigrante" instead of a "tourist". Non-immigrantes may remain in Mexico all year long and renew while still in Mexico.

      Tourists must exit before their tourist permit expires.


  4. Welcome Home George! (still can't get my name to show)

    bill in chico

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thank you! Good to be home!!

      You are signing in with a Blogger ID. Just sign into your Blogger account, and change the "Display Name" to Bill in Chico.


  5. So good to know you have a big smile these days !