Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Emotional and Soul Based behavior

A short while ago I made a post in my "Challenge/Truth" blog. I had not intended to make additional posts in Challenge/Truth. Because I no longer had within me the zeal to change other person's beliefs. "Let others believe what they want!", was my feeling.

However, I yielded on this feeling. Because, I believe that this is too important a thing not to write about it.

You may feel, "What is wrong with that George guy?" Does he actually believe that he has been blessed with knowledge that very few others possess? Well, maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am an ego-maniac. Maybe something is really wrong with me!

But, that is exactly and actually what I do believe. Click [here] to read my Challenge/Truth post.

Good luck,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pete and Fredericka

I am coming to the end of my California trip. I'm spending the last three days of that trip at the home of my good friends, Pete and Fredericka in the lovely Town of Sonoma, California.

Pete and Fredericka have a huge yard. In the yard is parked their recently factory renovated Lazy Daze RV. And they have invited me to live in that wonderful Lazy Daze during my visit with them! This is soooooo neat. Sooooo cool! For me to live in an RV is as close to being home as it could be.

Friday, June 14, 2013

No more!

Dear reader friends,

I have tried my very best. Unfortunately, there are storms that a person is not able to weather. This evening I went thru such a storm.

I shall not ever go thru such a storm again. I am finished with that person. It is done!

So help me God!

George Sheldon Lehrer
14 June 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

2nd half California trip

Today begins the second half of my California trip. I am flying from Los Angeles to Sacramento. I have a car rented in Sacramento in order to have transportation.

My purpose for this second half is to spend time with friends and family. As you may know, I have had some serious challenges with my relationship with one family member. And I am hoping that this trip fixes that.

I have faith that everything will work out!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Craig Houston

I received the following comment from Reader Craig Houston:

"Hi George,
Many people have posted a reply saying that you don't have to "retire" completely. You can take it easy and not post every day. I agree with them!! Don't feel that you have only two choices - post every day or stop posting all together. These are FALSE choices. There is no requirement for you to post every day nor is there any requirement for you to keep unpleasent comments on your blog.

George! go back to your original blog and enjoy your "retirement" by posting anything that is on your mind whenever you feel like it. If somebody leaves a nasty comment then delete it immediately. We don't like reading that childish junk any more than you do. As was said several times above, you have thousands of readers who would really like to hear from you once in a while. Don't let them down."