Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is liberty?

By liberty I mean the assurance that every man shall be protected in doing what he believes his duty against the influence of authority and majorities, custom and opinion.

John Dalberg-Acton


  1. WOW!!!! That needs some explanation - sounds very revolutionary!!

  2. Life would be chaotic indeed. I believe religion was an early set of political laws/rules so people wouldn't do whatever they wanted to do i.e. Sodom and Gomorrah,and what was happening as the 10 commandments were being written (chaos was happening and rules had to be written to define a good citizen). Politics branched out after religion reinventing itself to what it is today. Now rules are in place once again due to technology and it will keep going on and on.

  3. Hi George, You have got many people thinking. Thank you. Will you let us in on what you are reading? Here is more about Lord Acton for others...

    John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, (10 January 1834 – 19 June 1902), known as Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Bt from 1837 to 1869 and usually referred to simply as Lord Acton, was an English Catholic historian, politician, and writer. He is famous for his remark, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."[4]

    I will read more about this man later tonight. Best wishes George; thank you for staying in touch.

  4. I think George ought to stay in Mexico.

  5. It seems that most of your RV readers are gone and all that is left are a few people who seem to want to be part of a cult that has no definition, no clear reasoning and based on your very confusing and sort of weird writings I think you really need help George.

    I'm joining those who have left - goodbye.

  6. Hey George!....daWolfie dude in Ajo is still a friend!....I stopped/wiped my blog a few months ago because of all these shepple that dropped into town to "meet me" that really do not have a clue....I don't know "how" you were able to continue on for as long as you did/do....
    Armchair Directors are/always have been a pain in the azz.
    I'm getting ready to go ahead and head south next spring...sht is getting too much "police state" even here in Ajo....don't know "how" I'll survive down there without SS, or my VA....but....uh, gotta be "easier" than here without them when they're gone....
    This country (US) can rot, as far as this Vet is concerned.